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Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe each closed their arguments in last night’s Virginia gubernatorial debate with passion, gusto, and verve — but not for why voters should trust them to run state government for the next four years. Instead, each made the case why voters ought not trust the other guy.

“My opponent talks a lot about experience,” McAuliffe argued, “but his experience has been in dividing people by pursuing his own ideological agenda, introducing legislation that would outlaw most common forms of birth control. . . . Frankly, I think Virginia women have had just about enough of Ken Cuccinelli’s experience.”

Cuccinelli attacked his opponent’s business record, charging that McAuliffe had “driven jobs from the state,” adding, “Terry sold more visas to Chinese citizens as part of GreenTech than his failed company has sold [electric] cars. Terry will fight for Terry. . . .”

Those same messages are carpet-bombing across the commonwealth in 30-second spots. We’re told by each man that the other is unfit.

Both gents are on to something. And, not surprisingly, polls show more voters have a negative view of Cuccinelli than positive, with McAuliffe faring only slightly better.

Too bad Virginians are stuck with just these two unpopular choices!

Wait . . . what? Who? Well, yes, there is the Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis.

I guess he didn’t have the 5 or 10 percent in the polls to be invited, but with voters so disgusted with the Elephant and Donkey Party nominees, why not give him a chance?

Wait, the latest Washington Post/Abt SRBI poll shows Sarvis with 10 percent support. Oh, maybe that’s why he wasn’t invited.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. …. Perhaps Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis hadn’t the 5 or 10 percent in the polls to be invited — but with voters so disgusted with the Elephant and Donkey Party ….

    Of course the reality is/was that Mr Sarvis did have the requisite popularity so it seems the problem is as usual with the cartel of which the “major parties” have been members for a hundred and fifty years. And whose corrupt and criminal and perilously-pernicious nature is such that had it been formed between Ford, say — and General Motors — all of those companies managers down to junior and office-manager level, would be in prison and serving very long sentences.

    “Elephant and Donkey Party,” eh?

    I like that, That, inadvertently coined though it be, is a keeper!

  2. Tree Dee says:

    An experienced con artist is just as bad as a newcomer to the field.
    When a politician claims to have the “experience” to do the job, he/she has just told me they know how to game the system for their own gain, and nothing more.
    I do not know what it will take, but the sham promoted by the
    demicans & republicrats will keep going until everyone looks up, and realizes they have had enough of this one party rule that has afflicted the Nation since the 1930s. Until then, all reasonable Americans will continue to vote for the “lesser” evil.
    Whoever said that politics was show business for the un-attractive was right. I say let them find another way to practice their “drama” skills, so they won’t interfere with our lives or the life of the Country. But this will not happen until truly viable candidates come on scene, who will not cave when someone digs up some info, such as they cheated on a test in the 6th grade, or on their boyfriend / girlfriend in high school.

  3. Mike Spalding says:

    Thanks for the article on Sarvis. I read his bio and he is amazing. He is way over qualified for usual politics. Hopefully many will hear of him despite his being excluded from the debates.

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