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The New York Times has a timeline of the progress of Obamacare.

It’s okay as far as it goes. Which is not too far, since only the most recent dates seem readily accessible. And since the Times editors blindly favor the Obama-assault.

But sure, labor leaders have both criticized and praised Obamacare (9/12/13), some states have fought it (or “moved to undercut” it) (9/18/13); Pennsylvania State University has decided not to fine employees $100 a month for being too reticent about personal details on “wellness” questionnaires (9/19/13). Etc.

A headshake-worthy aspect of the chronology, however, is its showcasing of opinion published in the Times itself — as if each Times-punditarian rebuke of opposition to medical serfdom were another epochal event in the steady march of the wonderful Obamacare. So Gail Collins “chastises Republicans” for jeopardizing global stability to oppose Obamacare (9/19/13). Paul Krugman avers that the GOP, “hysterical” over Obamacare, is changing from stupid party to crazy party (9/20/13).

Fine, fine. But toss in some pro-free-market, anti-socialist and anti-Krugman events also, okay? Like the first publication of Ludwig von Mises’s comprehensive, devastating critique of Socialism (1922). The publication of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, sweeping saga of social collapse as feverish proto-Krugmaniacs stamp freedom out of existence (1957). The day Mike Tanner elaborated “Why Freedom Is the Key to Health Care Reform” (9/5/09). And let’s not forget John Goodman’s seminal post, “When It Comes to Healthcare Issues, Paul Krugman Is Wrong 100% of the Time” (5/30/13).

All that being said, a timeline is one thing, “progress” quite another. The word implies a good goal. Though hey, doctors do sometimes speak of the “progress” of a cancer or a fatal disease.

In the end, a timeline of Obamacare must include its own demise.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Drik says:

    Our House of Representatives has elections every two years as opposed to the center its every 6 years so that if wars are started, policies are enacted, or laws on made that the people have issues with, the people can change who they are voting for and have a redress done. This allows the people of our fair country to govern themselves instead of being ruled by a tyrant.

  2. Drik says:

    Senate. Not center

  3. Karen says:

    “In the end, a timeline of Obamacare must include its own demise.” Agreed, Paul, but as long as Harry Reid controls the Senate & what it votes on, this endgame won’t happen. As Drik said, the American people can vote him & the others out. But the American people seem too busy with social media & their techno toys to notice. They vote parties not people. They vote the same boneheads in over & over due to things like name recognition. We live in scary times & the majority voted for it. There are 2 Americas – those that want government to be God & the other that still thinks & desires to be productive & free. Yes, Paul, ObamaCare & the destructive devices of this administration must see its demise; if there is a country left thereafter.

  4. MingoV says:

    “… doctors do sometimes speak of the “progress” of a cancer or a fatal disease…”

    I’ve been a physician since 1983. I’ve never heard a physician talk about the progress of a disease. I have heard physicians discuss the progression of a disease, which is somewhat different.

    ObamaCare almost certainly will fail. Even Obama expects it to fail. But, what happens next? Obama and his socialist supporters expect complete socialization of health care. Many republicans want RevisedObamaCare. Only a few of us want health care insurance to be separated from government (and from workplaces).

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