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From the beginning, Democrats urged us to reserve judgment about their beloved “Affordable Care Act.” Wait, they said, until enacted . . . “to find out what’s in it.”

Then they said: wait till we see how it works.

Now, they tell us to wait some more, while they figure out how to bring some competence to the “glitch”-ridden

Waiting was the thing some folks feared most. The closer the country got to socialized medicine, the more queues, lines, and waiting lists would get set up, as bureaucrats scrambled to prevent disastrous cost overruns. Hobbled with regulations and mandates and increased demand (without properly paying for said demand — such is the way of politicians’ promises), it was never unreasonable to expect that “death by waiting” would eventually become the integral feature (not a bug!) of the new system.

Still, in one thing, there was no wait. Though the president may have been lied to right up until’s launch — misled about the testing and integrity of the IT system — there was at least one lie known from the beginning as a lie: that we could all keep our current insurance policies.

Considering the extent of Obamacare’s regulations, that was impossible. Only a small set of choices would be available to Americans. Most legacy policies just wouldn’t cut it, short a special waiver from Washington.

Now, hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting cancellation notices from their insurers. Others, more “lucky,” are being informed that their policies will be upgraded to the nearest Obamacare-acceptable alternative, at raised rates.

This is the Honest Truth about Obamacare: Obama lied; his staff lied; Congress lied.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Drik says:

    The Democrats want to stick this to us. They just don’t want any blame for it.

  2. JFB says:

    Most did not lie, they did not know. They assumed they could socialize 16% of the economy with no trauma and provide “universal” coverage without additional cost. It was not direct deception, but hope and change driven by terminal stupidity.
    My hope is that the country will finally realize there is no free lunch and using the government to provide for private need is always the least efficient manner to provide the goods and services.
    The reaction, at the voting booth, will hopefully be a surprise of an equal magnitude to the proponents of this “benefit”.

  3. Boiler says:

    I don’t think it is quite fair to say Congress lied considering not a single Congressional Republican voted for the legislation. This is a case where you can clearly state that Congressional Democrats lied. Of course in a country where you have more people receiving means tested welfare than actually working full time it is easy to see where the tyranny of the majority is in full effect. Especially when the corrupt politicians become the proponents of said majority. It is clearly unsustainable to anyone paying attention.

  4. MingoV says:

    ObamaCare was not created to be a success. The Democrats’ plan was to suck everyone in, let the program become worse than Medicaid, blame all the problems on greedy, uncooperative health care providers and hospitals, and push for either government acquisition of the entire healthcare industry or government becoming a health care insurance monopoly while exerting more regulatory control of the healthcare industry.

    It’s nice to see that the Democrats shot themselves in their feet. They cannot suck people into ObamaCare, because people cannot enroll. They cannot blame the Republicans for this democrat-only informatics debacle. They cannot blame greedy clinicians and hospitals, because those groups haven’t yet seen an ObamaCare patient.

    Of course, I’m too mature to gloat.

  5. NowYouKnow says:

    There is another dynamic step: Wait until the IRS bureaucrats finish writing the rules to find out what’s in it. My experience has been that the final IRS rules bear little resemblance to the original Congressional bill.
    The Dems needed this AHC measure badly as a key step down that path to a Socialist State.

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