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The Sacramento stadium subsidy scandal, touched upon on Thursday, should be a bigger story in the news and with the commentariat. So click on over to Townhall, and share. Then come back here for some more reading:

This weekend’s Townhall column is, of course, an expansion of Thursday’s Common Sense. There was one small error in that outing, so the column sets the record straight.

Finally, on the matter of the immorality of subsidy, where to begin? Probably with “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat. There are many inexpensive editions about, and, on the Net, many free sources as well. For the past few weeks This is Common Sense has included a lot of “Thoughts,” to the right of each daily post, that are from Bastiat. Those will likely continue for at least another week. He was a great writer.

The term Bastiat used for what is happening in Sacramento, and which forms the basis for many a politician’s “ideology,” is LEGAL PLUNDER.

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