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It began when a science experiment at a Minnesota high school set off a fire alarm. One of the students, Kayona Tietz, was swimming at the time. Her clothes were in her locker.

Because the alarm was unplanned, a teacher ushered Kayona outside without letting her retrieve her clothes. All she had between her wet swimsuit and the five-below-zero weather was a towel.

Once outside, to be protected ASAP from the cold the 14-year-old could simply have sat in one of the faculty-owned cars. Everyone knew this. Nevertheless, ten minutes passed before she was allowed to do so, by which time she was suffering frostbite. A teacher felt it necessary to first acquire permission from school administrators for an exception to rules obviously inapplicable to the circumstances. Eventually, also, a teacher lent Kayona a jacket . . . but not immediately.

What happened immediately is that her classmates huddled around to keep her as warm as they could. Apparently they lacked the training to blindly follow rules intended to protect students as morally superior to, well, actually protecting their classmate.

A girl got frostbitten because school personnel were complicit in a bizarre and dramatic loss of common sense. One needn’t “review procedures” to prevent such things. One need only use common sense (and be free to use it!) The inane regulations may have originated in some bureaucrat’s cubicle. But those on the spot were responsible for their own judgment.

Or lack of it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. JFB says:

    The result of blind adherence to rules and law strips the human animal of common sense and rationality which is humanity itself.
    for every rule there is an exception, and that is the reason the concept of equity developed to supplement the law.
    what a pity that the educated educators in this instance could not break their bonds. Such does not bode well for the actual education of their students. I pray Keyona recovers fully, and learns the lesson those in charge clearly missed.

  2. …. Cold Contempt for Common Sense ….

    In immigration “policy.”

    Such has been the designed-to-accommodate-the-post-1965 influx of third-world-dullards dumbing down of America and especially of its “educational” establishment that common garden morons are these days passed through and out of schools, colleges and universities despite lacking the knowledge to have gotten out of the grade schools of a hundred years ago and/nor the ability to have graduated high school in 1950.

    “Qualified” by virtue of the flash-looking diplomas they clutch and the patronizingly-PC platitudes they espouse, absolute dullards have made it into every corner of academia.

    And into the oval office!

    God save America.

  3. Drik says:

    This is a whole system that rewards suppression of creativity and trains our young to not be creative but to follow rules.
    This is the inevitable result.

  4. Free Man NOT says:

    I’m not the least bit surprised; except that anyone else would be. This is almost “normal” nowadays.

  5. Richard Rider says:

    Yup, we we’re supposed to trust THESE dunderheads teaching our kids — because the state ensures that these geniuses are competent and certified. And mindless robots — incapable of independent thought or action.

    Well, they DID teach something this day — (to quote hapless Papa in the Bernstein Bears books) “This is something you should not do.”

    I wouldn’t trust these “educators” to park my car.

  6. Richard Rider says:

    . . . and I have an OLD beat-up car!

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