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Though simplicity is a good thing, Occam’s Razor and all, not all simple explanations are correct. As discussed on Thursday and Friday, Matt Yglesias has simply laid out the “liberal” (or is that “progressive”?) case for the federal debt’s non-problem status. Here’s the video you may not have bothered to watch:

And we’re not over. Tomorrow, at Townhall, the Common Sense column by Yours Truly will be an expansion of what was presented on Thursday and Friday, here.


Because the dismissal of the public debt’s grave danger reveals, in simple splendor, the assumptions of the dominant liberal-progressive paradigm. The video is placed here not merely for the convenience of tomorrow’s Townhall readers, but also to challenge all readers to give the video a thorough debunking of their own.

We should thank Matt Yglesias. He has provided such a convenient target.

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