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Tyrants traditionally lash out at any number of people and groups they find dangerous or inconvenient: churches, entrepreneurs, voluntary associations, you name it. In America, our government has been having difficulty not showing some amazingly tyrannical leanings. Mass spying and data accumulation, partisan tax programs, and now …

Operation Choke Point.

In the Wall Street Journal, Frank Keating, CEO of the American Banking Association, wrote that government officials in this wing of the U.S. Department of Justice are “asking banks to identify customers who may be breaking the law or simply doing something government officials don’t like. Banks must then ‘choke off’ those customers’ access to financial services, shutting down their accounts.”

One target? Porn stars, according to a variety of reports.

Teagan Presley, “adult film” actress and stripper, had her Chase account abruptly closed — along with her husband’s. She was told that she was “high risk.” Other adult industry professionals have revealed similar treatment.

Don’t blame the banks; they’re being coerced by the DOJ. According to Keating, a bank that won’t “shut down a questionable account when directed to do so, Justice slaps the institution with a penalty for wrongdoing that may or may not have happened.”

As distasteful as the porn industry may be, this DOJ program is worse. It’s full-blown rogue government.

It may have been designed to prosecute those breaking the law via fraud and identity theft, but its modus operandi is outside the law, bullying regulated banks into punishing other businesses and people, without any court proceedings taking place.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rick says:

    >>It’s full-blown rogue government.

    Yes, on so many levels that it’s becoming an all-consuming machine cannibalizing it’s citizens because of the now, insatiable bureaucratic need to justify it’s existence and pay for itself.

    And when i look around, it’s happening everywhere; state, local, federal and really, most of the western world. And so much of the economy is directly tied to government spending now, it looks to me like it’s set to continue to eat it’s way through the rest of the economy.

  2. P. Long says:

    What a great industry to pick as a gate way for unconstitutional activity. Porn. Who could argue with this program? The screaming will start when it moves to political enemies or religious activities that some ruling elite doesn’t like. Free speech is such an inconvenient thing.

  3. glockgemini says:

    They came for the porn industry but I wasn’t one of them so I did nothing.
    They came for the conservative groups tax-exempt status but I wan’t one of them so I did nothing.
    They came for gun owners and i was one of them. RIP.

  4. Drik says:

    Things like this are the main reason why it will be so important that the 2014 and 2016 elections be stolen, lest those running the show be held accountable for their criminal, treasonous activity.

    Waiting for Zippy to weigh in on this too.

  5. I am glad you added the last sentence to this blog, just before your standard tag line. The 5th Amendment (binding on the federal government legislative and executive branches) and the 14th Amendment (binding on state government legislatures and executive branches) are clear. People cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due (Judicial) process of law, and that is exactly what the DOJ is doing in this case and others. That out political and intellectual elite have fallen to the point of accepting and employing such prospective punishment says much about the moral decline of American society.

  6. Karen says:

    Nothing too profound to say other than STUNNED, just stunned. This progressive agenda is truly alarming. I imagine this is how people felt in Germany, Poland, etc. with the rise of the 3rd Reich. What will it take to awaken the populace & realize their is a price to pay for Gov’t playing God?!

  7. Rick says:

    And it’s like whack-a-mole. They’re popping up everywhere. Just picked this up on drudge:

    The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 “would create an updated comprehensive report examining the role of the Internet and other telecommunications in encouraging hate crimes based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and create recommendations to address such crimes,” stated a news release from Markey’s office.

    The one-page bill, reviewed by WND, calls for the Justice Department and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to “analyze information on the use of telecommunications, including the Internet, broadcast television and radio, cable television, public access television, commercial mobile services, and other electronic media, to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.”

    The bill does not define which actions by broadcasters would be considered to have encouraged violence, seemingly leaving that open to interpretation.


  8. Paul Jacob says:

    Ladies & Gents — Bravo on the great comments all.

    We know what is happening and we know the American people are largely opposed to it. Let’s spread the word. And let’s fight it tooth and nail. With our lives, our fortunes and our honor.

  9. …. this DOJ program is worse. It’s full-blown rogue government ….

    What aspect of the activity of Zero’s Chicago-Gangster-operated DOJ is not as if that of rogues? It’s as if the Billy-Bubbah Blythe Cli’ton Crime Famiky never went away.

    Or just about par-for-course for most of the post-the-traitor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt “Democratic” potty “administrations.”

    Chuck in the trains and the camps and what do you have?

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