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What if the solution to the current political impasse would be to ignore party bosses and work with those with whom we disagree on so much? After all, we don’t disagree on everything. Click on over to, for this week’s Common Sense foray into political strategy. And back here, for more reading.

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  1. Rick says:

    Mish has a great post today on exactly how this type of alliance is playing out in Europe.

    …..In Greece, the country worst hit by the financial crisis, opposition to the EU stretches from the Communist Party and left-wing Syriza to right-of-centre Independent Greeks and neo-fascist Golden Dawn.

    Such animosity may be expected in beleaguered Greece or ambivalent Britain, which is not among the 18 countries using the euro. But countries that have been among the strongest supporters of the union are also seeing a surge in skepticism.

    Finland’s Finns Party became the third-largest force in the national parliament in 2011 and has pushed mainstream parties into a more critical stance on Europe with its call to restrict immigration and claw back some powers from the EU. It doesn’t want to leave the bloc, but it strongly opposes bailouts, saying richer countries have done too much for ailing eurozone members.

    In Italy, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement led by comedian Beppe Grillo is polling about 25% of the vote ahead of the European elections. Mr. Grillo argues Italians have subjected themselves to European control in exchange for membership in the single currency and has said Five-Star will push for a referendum on leaving the euro.

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