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It’s like jumping from ice floe to ice floe while being shot at. Great if you can reach the next slab of ice while the shooters pause to reload. But then what?

Having been caught targeting right-leaning applicants for tax-exempt status, the IRS decided to clear up the “ambiguity” in rules for tax-exempt organizations that had “led” to this “confusion.” The solution, they decided, should be to make it impossible for a tax-exempt organization that ever mentions political candidates or elections to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS.

No. What Americans needed post-scandal is what we have needed all along: more restrictions on the government, not on our freedom to speak out.

Persons of all political stripes saw the danger in the Draconian new rules IRS was proposing, resulting in an unprecedented 150,000 public comments — mostly negative. So the IRS is backing down for now . . . but says it will try again.

Not everyone is happy about the reprieve.

“This delay is deeply disappointing and a real setback for democracy[!!] and faith in government[!!!],” says Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. “The only hope we have is when the IRS goes back, they don’t succumb to any form of political pressure and enact a very tough rule that will equally curtail liberal and conservative groups.”

“Only hope” for what? Equal-opportunity repression?

It bodes ill that any major political figure could be so open about wishing to stomp on our freedom of speech.

The battle for our basic rights is far from over.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. IHeartDagney says:

    “It bodes ill that any major political figure could be so open about wishing to stomp on our freedom of speech.

    The battle for our basic rights is far from over.”

    Are we really in a battle or are we just rolling over?

    Uh, the democrat party, with the help of some republicans have been hiding in plain sight with their intent to curtail our freedoms. ALL of the democrat party and SOME of the republican party HATE the constitution and have been putting in place laws and people in judicial positions to destroy every tenant of the Bill of Rights for years. Prime example, Obamacare, a 2,700 page boondoggle intended to destroy the insurance industry and give government the power of life and death over every American. All democrats voted for it. No republicans voted for it but they sure have been willing to fund it! Where ya been??? I’ve been sleeping much less since the summer of 2008 when I realized that because he was glib and had black skin, we were going to have a Marxist as our president. Lack of education and delusional feelings of guilt are powerful things!

  2. JFB says:

    Abomination, but the problem is actually rooted in the tax system. No income tax, no motivation for such a travesty. Bastiat’s lessons are more relevant as the day he penned them.

  3. IHeartDagney says:

    Yes, I do agree with you that the flat tax or the Fair Tax, will fix many of the problems we have in this country. But, ONLY if they eliminate the 16th amendment and the IRS. Mike Lee (one of the few senators I like) is monkeying around the edges. Probably because he’s pretty sure, knowing the climate he is in, what he is working on is the best that can get passed. However, I think we have enough anger to get something very substantial passed (or repealed) if we all get involved and not succumb to apathy!

  4. JATR says:

    Bull shit. No tax exempt status for any political organization–REPUBLIKOOK, LIBERDICK OR DEMOPUKE.

    Their speech is not being infringed. They only want tax exempt status so they don’t have to divulge their membership.

    Quit lying about freedom of speech. There is NO infringement.

  5. Karen says:

    All I can say is Chuck Schumer proves he’s an idiot every time he opens his mouth. And the IRS is a draconian arm of the government that everyone fears; unless you work for them or in Congress. Then you’re free to evade taxation.

  6. Rick says:

    No infringement on freedom of speech? I have friends who won’t respond to certain comments because they don’t want anti establishment appearing evidence in their email or on phone calls stored in an NSA databank in Utah. We are circled by the IRS, NSA and the whole federal, state & local government enforcers. Local police that look more like Seal or Ranger units show up for minor stuff.

    Schumer is a political prostitute nearly equal to Reid.

  7. JATR says:

    That’s because your friends are DUMB ASSES just like you.

  8. Jay says:

    Lest we forget, Smuck Schumer is the anal pore who PUBLICLY said the IRS should audit and go after ANYONE running for an incumbent demorats seat. (This was perhaps a month or so ago).

    Which is, theoretically, illegal.

  9. Rincon says:

    “No tax exempt status for any political organization”.

    I have a better idea. How about no tax deductions for anyone and a lower overall rate for everyone?

  10. Jay says:

    I am aware of 9at least 1 or 2) NON POLITICAL RELIGIOUS GROUPS that have been waiting for well over a year for 501 C3 status.

    basically, churches, and sometimes some pre-schooling (at no cost to the city, state or federal government for the pre-schooling).

    Why can’t the IRS move their butts and get the approvals? I bet left wing groups don’t wait over a year, nor Muslim groups.

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