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The headline: “Husband and wife shoot gunmen who try to enter their St. Louis home, killing 1, police say.”

They acted when two thugs tried to force their way into their home by using the St. Louis couple’s 17-year-old daughter as a shield. She had been outside fetching something from her car when the men grabbed her.

Inside, the father happened to see what was happening and pulled out his gun. His wife also retrieved a gun. Home invader Terrell Johnson entered first and received the first bullets. He didn’t survive. His partner Cortez McClinton — arrested in 2010 on a murder charge, but eventually released because of uncooperative witnesses — managed to escape, if only briefly. His brother took him to a hospital for chest and thigh wounds. The police picked him up there.

Mom had also gotten off a shot but did not hit either intruder, leading one blogger to opine that although her heart is in the right place, she needs practice. A reader replied, rightly, that when your own daughter is directly in harm’s way, your shooting skill is hardly the only variable.

Besides, the goal in brandishing a weapon isn’t necessarily to wound bad guys, but better yet to scare them off. There’s a deterrent effect in owning guns.

I am surprised that advocates of gun control and their compatriots in the national MainStream Media are not all over this story. For here is yet another dramatic proof of the need for effective gun control on which they constantly insist.

The gun used to thwart the invaders was very effectively controlled indeed.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Joe Geshel says:

    The only bad aspect of a gun is a bad person who may get his or her hands on one.

  2. Jay says:

    I partly disagree with the person who said the only purpose is not to wound a bad guy, but to scare him (or her) off. The purpose should be to kill the b—–d who broke into your home.

    The judges are too lenient; and as per- the wounded creep-let go due to uncooperative witnesses. And does one think that from 2010 ( when the murder charges were dropped) until now he was the perfect choir boy?

    if so, you are probably taking a controlled substance.

  3. JFB says:

    This is the type of incident regarding firearms which unfortunately because of agenda, is not picked up and promulgated by the main stream press. A real pity for it shows the real reason that many have chosen to legally and reasonably arm themselves for defense of their persons and family.
    Firearms are tools, like knives, hammers, automobiles and many other inventions of humanity. They have no morals intrinsically, except those transferred to them by their possessors, who, if the happen to be criminal, can be very problematical, or if they are righteous can be defensive and life saving.
    Simply because the lawless will forever, and in contravention of all laws to the contrary, possess and use firearms improperly is no logical excuse for their being banned. It simply does not follow that the lawful should be denied their constitutional and natural right to defend themselves because criminals favor a particular tool. with such logic, assuming the felonious pair drove to the scene of the crime, such argument should also lead to the conclusion that automobiles (or bikes or shoes, whatever) are also the instrumentalities of evil and should be denied access by the citizens.
    Yes Paul, the resident/father and mother clearly exercised properly gun control, and may their souls not be troubled the necessity of having to do so.

  4. Well written Paul. Once again, a clear and concise message on a timely topic. Thank you.

  5. Kenneth H. Fleischer says:

    I have commented elsewhere on the matter of gun control, “The best gun control is learning how to control your guns.”

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