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It’s hard to keep track of things. It helps to make a list.

I’m trying to follow all the IRS-scandal stonewalling, the latest example of which is how emails inculpating Lois Lerner and others have mysteriously disappeared; with, allegedly, no server backups (see my latest Townhall column, “The Dog Ate My Country”).

How many ways have fedgov officials fudged, fabricated, prevaricated, and otherwise non-cooperated with investigators after news broke that IRS had targeted for special harassment sundry conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status?

  • When the head of IRS’s department overseeing nonprofit applications, Lois Lerner, felt compelled to admit that IRS had specially targeted right-leaning organizations applying for nonprofit status, she and others put the main blame on a few low-level clerks.
  • Lerner twice formally refused to testify to Congress about the doings of her own department. Yet she also asserted, formally, that “I have not done anything wrong.”
  • IRS says it’ll take many years to comply with congressional requests for relevant documents. IRS was prompter when it handed abundant confidential information on conservative nonprofits to the Justice Department so that they could be selectively prosecuted.
  • DOJ selected an “avowed political supporter”  of President Obama to lead a meaningless “investigation” of the targeting of Obama’s critics. No prosecutions of wrongdoers are in the works.
  • Initially professing outrage at the IRS’s “inexcusable” targeting, Obama later airily dismissed the affair as a “phony scandal.” On which occasion was he lying? (Hint: both.)
  • Major media outlets do all they can to abet the stonewalling.

What did I miss?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rick says:

    And nobody has been fired yet. Or lost a pension.

    Obummah’s strategy must be to throw up so many scandals that they get Fox and the conservative/libertarian bloggers confused and off track.

    SOmebody earlier said the bureaucracy only gets more power if those in power give it to them but that’s not true. I took an elective my last semester of college called “The American Bureaucracy”. Even back then, in the ’70s, it said that the bureaucracy is self-serving and would always lobby for more power, more people and more budget. It’s just the way any organization works. Now 40 some-odd years later it’s totally out of control but still growing. But it’s now in a terminal phase where they have SO much power that they are impossible to control…..without major upheaval and i just don’t see that happening yet.

  2. Lyle R. Rolfe says:

    Good Morning Paul,I was thinking this morning how different it would have been, being involved in the days when our founding fathers put our Constitution and everything else together. Just think about being surrounded by highly intelligent people who also were honest and who thought about the country and its people rather than everything for themselves. I have often wondered if they could believe what has happened since then and how corrupt people in public office have become. It’s because of people like you and Fox News, along with the decent citizens who are still remaining, that I feel there is still some hope left for us and our country. Keep up the good work. Lyle R. Rolfe in Aurora, Il.

  3. Jay says:



    Now, the silence is deafening.

  4. …. Major media outlets do all they can to abet the stonewalling ….

    Given that what Ms Lerner and National Treasury Employees Union Capo, Colleen M. Kelley and – let’s not kid around, Barry Soetoro — and the IRS are prima facie, up to involves the most serious imaginable and wide ranging felony criminal activity — and was intended to and interfered with and altered the course and the outcome of national elections — haven’t those Fascist Media shills who’ve not reported and who have actively covered up the criminal activity, made themselves complicit with and/or accessories after said crime?

    Brian Richard Allen

  5. JFB says:

    The most troublesome of all is that the citizens, with the exception of a small hyper-minority, let this go almost without protest.

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    This absurd “lost e-mail” lie can easily be disproved; government email servers are backed up every night. So if she actually had a hard drive fail, her emails would be recoverable from the backup on the server.

    Of course, it doesn’t matter at all that this lie is so blatant; Obama knows he can do anything he wants with complete impunity.

  7. Drik says:

    They are burning through credability like nobody’s business. It is obvious that they don’t even believe their own statements, based on the lackluster performance of the prepared readings that the spokespeople are doing. Like it an imposition to have them get up and pretend to be truthful.
    But as long as they get to control the money, then they only have to go through the motions and it doesn’t really matter what they say or do. It is all moot while Harry Reid has his boot on Congress’s throat and by proxy, America’s.

  8. ACS says:

    Reportedly, hundreds of IRS employees have spent more than $10 million retrieving requested emails….so now that so many of those have “disappeared”, do the taxpayers get their money back??

    Just asking….

  9. Michael H. Miller says:

    Sounds like the Hillary Clinton Virus, where files disappear for six months and then suddenly reappear (sort of like old political jokes).

  10. Don Tennison says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if congress demanded a 10 year audit of all branches of the IRS. They have no problem in demanding it from the tax payers.

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