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Today is Independence Day, and we’re celebrating. Tonight there will be fireworks to watch. So I’ll try to be brief.

The original independence that the Continental Congress of the seceding colonies declared, was dramatic and fundamental, as I’ve tried to honor these past two days in Common Sense.

But the idea of independence, and of our liberty that it was meant to secure, extends beyond events over two centuries ago.Declaration of Independence

Today, we are riddled with at least two kinds of dependence that are worth resisting.

  1. Economic dependence. I’m not talking about foreign trade. “Independence-with-freedom”  assumes that we will always depend on each other by co-operation. But the terms of that co-operation should be mutual. The great problem with crony capitalism and the welfare state — and even to some degree with a large federal workforce — is that increasing numbers of people (whole classes) increasingly depend on taxpayers rather than their own productivity and commerce.

    This sort of dependence depends on wealth, but provides poverty.
  2. Partisan dependence. The polarization of the two political parties has become increasingly ideological — as it was at the beginning of the country, actually — and is becoming increasingly nasty. Americans seem “stuck.” Breaking apart from the parties might make for a more honest and productive debate.

One way to accomplish the latter? Work for general, non-partisan — “transpartisan” — reforms, like term limits . . . and other measures aimed at greater representation, from mandating smaller districts to establishing ranked choice voting.

Remember, in 24 states and most cities and towns, citizens also have the initiative and referendum process to act directly. Staying focused on issues is the key to working across partisan divides.

Who knows what improvements we might be able to make?

What begins by thinking independently comes to fruition in successful cooperation.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    22 states now have signed on the the Convention of States (Article 5 Convention) to reign in federal power and to return control of the government to the states and the people.
    7 more in process.
    Only need 6 more.
    Hope it will not be too late.

  2. Karen says:

    Happy 4th, Paul. That was s beautiful column. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I will have to get more involved because the gridlock & the cronyism in DC is nasty. People are afraid of voting Green or Libertarian, etc because they feel it just puts someone they don’t want in office. So they vote the lesser of the 2 evils or the familiar name. (This is what I am told over & over by folks.)
    Keep putting it out there, this voice of reason.

  3. Robert Wolfe says:

    Is there any “common ground” for Republicans (conservatives) and Democrats (progressives) to meet on? The liberals (progressives) hate this country and conservatives (Republicans) want to reinstate the Constitution our country was founded on. What do we discuss?

  4. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    Robert: My answer is that Republican/conservatives need to stop supporting the bad non liberty policies (wars, War on Drugs, anti immigration, etc. and winking at cronyism).
    Meanwhile the Democrats/Progressives need to learn to run a hot dog stand before they try to manage the economy from a top down position (and then lie about the obvious failed results. All of us however need to realize voting is a conclusion. Much education needs to happen first, otherwise we simply have power plays using the force of government to resolve critical issues.

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