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From Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, now in theaters:

By: Redactor

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  1. Rick says:

    Nice speech. Touching in fact. It’s the America of 7th grade history.

    In that world, politicians are glorified for the great work accomplished and ever since then we have been searching for that politician(s) who could return us to that ideal. The world the founders knew is a world of absolute fear of politicians and “government”. They didn’t trust each other. Far from it, they totally distrusted each other. So, the lense we tend to view history through gets distorted because what they did worked. But it only worked BECAUSE of that fundamental distrust.

    Only when the American people disengage from corporate and government controlled media will they realize the myth propagated by those interests that are just there to mesmerize and anesthetize you into your workaday life so they can continue to control more and more of your life.

    What Bono is talking about is some idealized world where America continues to be some nanny state, policeman to the world in which we get involved in every humanitarian, political crisis and i’m not at all sure that’s what the founders had in mind.

    I love it that he loves the Constitution. IF that’s what he’s talking about. But i’m not sure that what it is. I think he just wants America to continue to bleed cash into the rest of the world. We have done that for 120 years now and we are just about broke. Well, we are broke if not for the superhuman efforts of the Federal Reserves to keep interest rates low so we can actually afford the interest payments on our debt. But that WILL explode in our faces one day and Bono will be on to somewhere else for a donation.

    Maybe that’s hard medicine, but i think the founders realized they couldn’t take care of everybody else and that life was a big enough struggle to just take care of oneself. I can assure you i’m not pleased that my tax money goes to grifters in Africa that blackmarket the grain the minute it lands and countless other mindless giveaways every single day.

    No, i don’t trust Bono with our money or our government. It was a compelling sales pitch though.

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