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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has proposed a boycott of Burger King. Try Wendy’s or White Castle instead, he urges.

Why? Are the Burger King burgers moldy now?

No, they’re still delectable. In fact, I’m stepping up my patronage of Burger King thanks to Brown’s attack. All who seek to productively improve their lives should follow suit.

For that’s the actual crime here. Honest self-improvement. Contrary to Brown, though, it deserves no chastisement.

Burger King has been caught pursuing an opportunity to improve its offerings and bottom line. It is buying Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee-and-donut chain. It will also be moving its headquarters to Canada.


Because our federal government taxes corporate earnings more heavily than many other countries do, the Burger King move north means a smaller tax bite. More money for the shareholders.

And, thus, less money for Uncle Sam.

Fine with me. I don’t begrudge an honestly earned dollar. And our government’s wastrel ways  won’t be cured by ever-higher taxes on us. But if politicians fear the exodus of U.S. firms for tax reasons, why not eliminate that motive by reducing corporate taxes?

Brown gestures in the direction of lower taxes but also demands a “global minimum tax rate” to thwart absconders. Nah. Chuck the stick. Just use the carrot. Slash what U.S.-based firms must pay and American firms will stay.

Slash them enough and maybe successful foreign firms will move HQs here, too.

Entice the economic titans who benefit us so much; don’t chase them away. Instead of badgering with boycotts, inspire with freedom.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Rick says:

    OT I think this is a blockbuster rebuke of the Sate Dept, DoDefense & White House portrayal of the Ukraine events:

    “We the undersigned are long-time veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on Sept. 4-5.

    You need to know, for example, that accusations of a major Russian “invasion” of Ukraine appear not to be supported by reliable intelligence. Rather, the “intelligence” seems to be of the same dubious, politically “fixed” kind used 12 years ago to “justify” the U.S.-led attack on Iraq……”

  2. JFB says:

    Sen. Brown is illogical and foolish. This thought is the death rattle of a failing empire. You cannot prosper by driving business away.
    The asininity of this logic is astounding from an elected leader, may he and all who think in a similar pattern be disenfranchised in the next cycle.

  3. Drik says:

    Karl Marx said that to be successful, the revolution must occur everywhere at once.

    Else the productive people would just leave.

  4. Richard Rider says:

    Surprise! Total tax costs in Canada are 46.4% lower than in the U.S.

    Oddly enough, Canada is the BEST major country when it comes to total corporate tax burden — by a LOT. Hence Burger King’s decision to relocate to the Frozen North. See the short article and tax table below. And keep in mind that total CALIFORNIA tax costs increase this tax differential substantially for our Golden State businesses.

    Obama’s response to Burger King’s move (a move because of our punitively high U.S. tax structure) was predictable — further restrictions on American companies leaving. It’s the usual thuggish response of a Chicago community organizer against those who do not bend to his will.

    Well, I have a wry suggestion: Obama’s plan to keep companies from moving to low-tax Canada should include installing along our Canadian border a 3,000 miles long string of machine gun towers and mine fields (a la East Germany) to keep Ahmericans in AMERICA (well, wherever) — Land of the Free!

    Think about it –it would be the first effective Obama jobs stimulus program!



    Carpe Diem

    VERY informative tax table in the short article (link above).

  5. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    Great! This should be an easily understood explanation. With the addition of the the added comments,it should be enough for my super “patriotic” friends who are ready to hang the CEO of Burger King. The more subtle comments will probably not penetrate.

  6. FREE ? HA says:

    Do you really expect common sense from the leaches in government?

  7. Drik says:

    Mexicans and terrorists coming from the south.
    Americans leaving to the north.

  8. Karl Rove says:

    I like Whoppers but they give me goddess-awful heartburn.
    Ooops!?!? Did I say that out loud?

  9. Paul Jacob says:

    I did really like their “satis-fries” but BK discontinued those recently.

  10. Rick says:

    Karl Rove!

    Lets discuss the libertarian branch of the Republican party!

    Where do you think we will be when we get ready to take on Hillary?

  11. Pat says:

    I just came back from a long weekend and my first and last meal on the road were at BK. I don’t eat there nearly as often as I did in my younger days, but this was a deliberate choice.
    BK is doing nothing wrong.
    An added piece of irony is that this deal is being funded, in part, by Obama’s good friend Warren Buffet. (Isn’t this the same Warren Buffet who said Americans don’t pay enough taxes?)

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