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A Congressman’s Job

A few weeks ago, The Washingtonian published a best of/worst of list about Congress. It stands out amongst other “tops” lists because the voting is done by White House staffers. This is what the employees think about their prima donnas. I mean bosses.

The most interesting winner appeared near the end, “Lobbyists’ Worst Enemy.”

The “Lobbyists’ Best Friend” category was topped by John Boehner and Eric Cantor. The “Worst Enemy”— which has to be the highest badge of honor on this list — is Justin Amash.

And if you are wondering why lobbyists might not take a shine to this Republican Representative from Michigan’s Third Congressional District, consider the calumnies his detractors directed against him.

Mike Rogers, also a Michigan House Republican, accused Amash of being “Al Qaeda’s best friend in the Congress” because of Amash’s well-known anti-NSA stance. Devin Nunes, from California’s Republican delegation, insisted that Amash “votes more with the Democrats than with the Republicans,” was not serious, and just liked siding with the GOP’s opponents.

A debunking in Rare (“America’s News Feed”), published in June, beat down all these charges. Not only has Amash voted with his party over 80 percent of the time, he’s voted against former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi more than any other Representative.

But there’s something more impressive about Amash, as Rare points out. He has voted every chance he got. He has the longest tardy-free voting record in Congress. And, furthermore, Amash explains, via social media, every vote he makes.

That is, he does his job.

No wonder lobbyists don’t like him.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. JATR4 says:

    This country would be a lot better off without any lobbyists. They are the ones who actually control this country.

  2. JFB says:

    Justin Amash is worth watching, and supporting. We would be much better off if every elected official emulated him. Indeed being the lobbyists’ worst enemy is a badge of honor, and sign of principle.
    Trust me, the Republican establishment is not overly enthused or even supportive of him. They in fact are antagonistic, uncharacteristically supported a primary challenger against a sitting as well as doing him no favors in the redistricting, regardless of the fact he, and those like him, are the party’s, if not the country’s, long term hope.

  3. Mario Guilont Jr says:

    Too bad he’s not representing California. It seems to me that he has integrity, (something lacking with many politicians today)and votes via his conscience.

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