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President Calvin Coolidge looks more like a sage every day. Confucius would’ve been proud of Silent Cal. Today’s top politicians might take a cue from the man: When you don’t have much to say, say nothing.

President Barack Obama, whose popularity in America up until recently rested, in part, on his sounding more intelligent than his predecessor in office, had the reckless temerity — the audacity of dope, perhaps — to float the notion, in an interview the other day, that Russia’s top banana Vladimir Putin had made a “strategic mistake” by annexing Crimea, and said the latter-day Tsar was “not so smart”:

Those thinking his Russian counterpart was a “genius” had been proven wrong by Russia’s economic crisis, he said.

For my part, I hope that a collapsed economy in Russia is the least we have to fear. The story isn’t over, and I wouldn’t be gloating over a half-hatched batch of eggs just yet.

Which brings to mind the title cliché: pot and kettle, each calling the other black. Here we have a world leader with a horrible economic track record, in addition to a chaotic diplomatic strategy, calling his chief competitor for public adoration (yes, Putin’s acolytes are just as besotted as Obama’s) something of a fool.

Well, the man so involved with a disaster to have it named after him, Obamacare, and who hailed extravagant “stimulus” as a cure for a depression that still lingers — reminding us again of the longest Depression, the Great, and the wrong-headed policies of Hoover and FDR — should know when to keep mum.

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  1. IHeartDagney says:

    Unfortunately, no left of center politician (maybe every person on the left, too!) ever believes their policies are “wrong-headed”. It’s only that THEY were not the ones implementing them in history. Once the evidence is in that history is repeating itself, history must be changed in the perceptions of all who follow. This is part of the reason that I contend that leftism, liberalism, Marxism, statism….whatever you wish to call it….. are all mental illnesses. There are names the layman recognizes for some of the illnesses, megalomania, narcissistic personality disorder, Schizophrenia are just a few. Our country will never be fixed until the common sense thinker (everybody else) realizes this. We cannot sweep this mental illness under the rug anymore. Instead of treating these illnesses, we are EMBEDDING them into our children by allowing their propaganda be taught in our schools and universities and PAYING to see it in the entertainment industry. I believe a good portion of America is waking up to this fact and are taking steps to home school and not buying the movie tickets. However, the left still has a strangle hold on the inner cities. It is there, I believe, where more effort must be concentrated.

  2. JATR4 says:

    Maybe you two should take Coolidge’s advice.

  3. IHeartDagney says:

    Typical lefty discounting what they don’t hear in the first place, classifying it as “nothing to hear, here”. Coolidge never gave such “advice”. He lived it and left others the freedom to do as they wished. He is quoted as saying, “It takes a great man to be a good listener”. We hear the left loud and clear. We, of opposite opinions are forced to hear the left’s so-called “wisdom” loud and often. And, if we don’t listen, laws and regulations are written in “tortured ways” to ensure confusion so that their wishes will be passed and implemented against all wisdom. The left, as evidenced by your comment, JATR4, never listen to opposite opinions and discount what they don’t hear before they can digest it, if they ever do. Your comment is just another way of telling us to “shut up”. Is that any way to conduct a learning experience on a communication device (another term for personal computer with internet access)? LOL.

  4. JATR4 says:

    So many words, so little substance. Ever heard of a supercilious ass? Look in the mirror, asshole

  5. IHeartDagney says:

    Another hallmark of a disturbed lefty. Can’t argue a point intelligently, start in with the name-calling. Saul Alinsky immortalized this immaturity in “Rules for Radicals”. You never learned from your parents that negative comments and name-calling directed at someone else actually reflects on you and not on your intended “victim”?

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