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Townhall: The Herd That Has the Immunity

Expanding on thoughts from Thursday for Townhall‘s readership, the politics of vaccination.

Your Common Sense purveyor happens to be suffering from some bug, as if to echo the subject of the column. Not sure this lends any credence or bestows any excuse, though.

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  1. Rick says:

    Paul, nice try. But your argument is basically jockeying for the political edge for the next presidential campaign. It’s a “me” based argument instead of an exploration of the damage potentially done to that small percentage of people who actually become damaged, in their opinion, by the vaccinations.

    To bring it more personal and close to home, you and i have a personal friend, an MD who became a Neuro Rehab Specialist, a brilliant woman with a photographic memory who believes that a flu shot triggered her Hodgkins Lymphoma in her 20s.

    I’m no doctor nor do i have the background to wade in on this subject except for the anecdotal evidence i just declared. AND there are so few victims in real percentage terms for their stories to become a real influence in the debate(so just sacrifice them, right?). Therefore i back the Libertarian stance of Rand Paul on this subject and absolutely loath the political jockeying going on where lying, sociopathic politicians take whatever stance on the issue it takes to get the most votes.

  2. Ross says:

    Paul, don’t forget to mention the obvious fact that Obama’s illegal immigration invasion is not checking our new “guests” for their shot records!

    I guess that is different type of “free rider”! How does that math tip the experts 90% calculation? I guess at Disney it was 90% + 1….

    I just added to my boookmarks!

  3. Rick says:

    “When couched in the standard statist framework, there are contradictory principles in the vaccination debate. For example, many parents have read research showing the potential dangers from various vaccines, and they think all things considered their kids will be safer without getting them. They recoil at the idea that the State can forcibly inject substances into their kids’ bodies in the name of the public welfare.

    That’s fine, but I’m betting many of those same “anti-vaxx” parents agree with the principle of taxation, and some of them might even be willing to accept the military draft in cases of extreme national emergency. At least for these parents, it seems they don’t actually believe in the principle of the individual rejecting State encroachment. They just happen to disagree with most people on the balancing of the pros and cons of vaccines.

    On the other hand, consider the parents (and others) who are outraged at the (allegedly) unscientific, selfish, and anti-social behavior of the anti-vaxxers. For those of this group who think the State should be able to compel vaccinations against the wishes of a child’s parents, I wonder: How far are they willing to push this principle? Should the State mandate diet and exercise routines for the nation’s children? What about religious or political views? After all, parents from religious households might not want their kids’ minds to be “infected” with the horrible ideas of atheism brought into the schools from other children, while skeptical parents might not want their children hearing on the playground that they’re bound for hell unless they repent. Likewise, parents who believe in democracy wouldn’t want their children hearing about fascism from other kids on the soccer team. Certain ideas are far more dangerous than the measles. But most Americans (at least) agree that in a free society, the State can’t mandate particular religious and political views, no matter how harmful those views might be when put into operation.

    The only way to address these fundamental conflicts is to take the State out of the equation. Let private property owners set the relevant rules on their land. Privately run schools, daycare centers, youth clubs, and pediatricians can set their individual policies regarding vaccination requirements for participating children. Health insurance companies can decide if they will insist on vaccination in order for a newborn to remain on a parent’s plan.

    Private property doesn’t eliminate conflict, but it is a necessary foundation for the peaceful resolution of very heated disagreements. Bringing the State into the picture will hurt all children.”

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