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Townhall: Helping Liberals Swallow the Best Medicine

I have readers who think I am just plain wrong about vaccines. They say there is no such thing as herd immunity, and that vaccines are dangerous. I do not deny that there can be side-effects. And I’m certainly no expert. But I don’t see how you can argue against the evidence of how vaccines beat so many diseases down to insignificance in the 20th century. And then, as resistance to vaccination has grown in recent years, the coming back of of those diseases into the school populations and the even the general population.

So I reiterate the thesis struck last week, in more detail, on Townhall. Pace my critics. (You will have to do a lot more explaining to do.) Click on over to Townhall for the full column, and then back here to give me grief, or (better yet!) support!

Oh, and some more viewing and reading:

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