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Contemptible Court

Judge Tim Grendell

Judge Tim Grendell missed his calling. Given his dictatorial impulses, he should have been a Soviet commissar or ancient Egyptian vizier. O, but for time, and place, and the mismatches of metempsychosis!

Grendell has lashed out punitively at Nancy McArthur, chairman of the Geauga County (Ohio) Republican Party, for seeking to undermine his authority with vilecriticism. What happened? Did she interrupt courtroom proceedings with her aspersion-casting? Shout obloquy as he sought to instruct a jury?

Nothing like that. McArthur was never in Grendells court.

She did badmouth the judge, however . . . in private conversation.

The person McArthur was talking to is involved in a case presided over by Grendell, and, in a private email, reported on McArthurs comments. Grendell, somehow, got hold of that email.

His response? Slap a subpoena on McArthur, demanding that she show cause why she should not be held in Contempt of Court for making vile, contemptuous, slanderous, and insulting language directed at the Judge which reflects negatively on the integrity of the Court and impedes the Court in the administration of justice. . . .

Yikes. McArthur was actually threatened with incarceration for speaking of this judge as if he were the type to do the sort of thing he did. Fortunately, his attempt to hold her in contempt has been blocked by an appellate court.

This isnt the first time Grendells judicial reach has exceeded his ethical and constitutional grasp. Guilty of outrageous malpractice, he deserves a boot to his rear, ejecting him from the bench.

This is Common Sense. Im Paul Jacob.

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By: PJ Admin


  1. JFB says:

    Another example of the dual moral and legal systems which some elitists in “power” would have us have us accept and cower to.
    The truth is a defense and opinions are not actionable – generally, except if you are commenting on someone already elected. Please explain to me the difference between Grendell and the heraldic sovereigns of the past who held and enforced similar opinions..
    Ms. McArthur appears to be politically connected and should be organizing the “Committee not to Re-elect Judge Grindell”. That is not contempt as it is laudably engaging in the political process, and could go a long way to solving what may well be a Geauga County problem.

  2. Paul Jacob says:

    Great point, JFB. Let’s bemoan the bad behavior, but then let’s do something about it!

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