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Townhall: Let’s Not Be All Wet About Water

Sometimes you write something, and think of the next thing to say . . . but realize you cannot say it in the space allotted. Or that the next thought should be “saved for next time.” Or maybe you merely wonder “Will the reader think of that too?”

In expanding on Friday’s water discussion, for Townhall this weekend, I wondered, “Will the reader think of Fourier?”

Fourier famously said that, with socialism, the oceans would be filled with lemonade!

Which would lead to a scarcity of water. A constituent of lemonade, but more important and versatile than the famous tart sugary fruit drink.

Actually, socialism leads to far worse scarcities than a dystopia of lemon-spiked seas.

As we now know. Read the column at Townhall. Come back here and click the links to Friday’s water Common Sense. And look up online the work of PERC, and of economists like these:

  • Armen Alchian
  • Ronald Coase
  • Harold Demsetz
  • Richard Stroup
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