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My Mom for President

My mom for president

My musing, yesterday, about Hillary Clinton’s hat throw into the presidential ring failed to recognize that yesterday was also my mother’s 81st birthday.

Jane Jacob is not yet an announced presidential candidate, but when I think of a hard-working, organized, smart and always-optimistic woman — someone who keeps promises and looks out for the other person; someone with commitment to principle — I think of her.

Not Hillary Clinton.

Maybe Mrs. Clinton would have put in the hours playing catch with me as a tyke. But can Hillary even catch? My mom can. And throw too. (Not like a — well, incorrectly, either gender.)

My mom has a soft heart. I remember coming home from school and seeing her crying from watching a soap opera.

Nonetheless, she can dish out tough love. During a family clean-up effort (like a Bataan death march, but in English) she asked if one of us six kids could do something or other. I stepped forward to say, “I’ll try.”

Mom looked at me plainly and explained, “I need someone to do it, not just try.”

She is still full of fun and passion. Her deep love and concern for America’s freedom has certainly had an enormous impact on my life.

Too bad my mom’s not running.

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated none of the presidential timber my mom has, and yet Clinton is very likely to enjoy a large electoral advantage among women voters. So, here’s my idea: the Democratic Party’s competition should each nominate a woman for the top of the ticket. There are plenty of women qualified to serve as president. Not just my mom.

May the best woman win.

Have I started a stampede to office supply stores to buy binders?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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My mom for president


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  1. Doug Watts says:

    Jane Jacob for President.
    Integrity matters.

  2. Brian wright says: Brother, I’m totally with you on this. The irony is my mother, despite having sage sense of political value–she knew that we should stand up to federal overreach via Nullification for example–still liked Hillary… and FDR, for that matter. 

  3. Rod Thigpen says:

    Paul, I know you love your Mother too much to let her be President.

  4. Dan Rogers says:

    Already served six terms of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum. Plenty qualified in my view!

  5. Karen H says:

    Happy birthday to Jane Jacob. You sound like quite a gal. Paul, I hope you will continue to post this stuff about Hillary Clinton in Social Media, since this is where people seem to get all their info these days. I am afraid she’ll win, just because she has a vagina. And I’m all for a woman prez, just not Hillary.

  6. Michael Foudy says:

    I’ll vote for her….She sounds like the sort of person the country needs. I especially like her platform plank of “I need someone to do it, not just try!” She’s my choice for President!

  7. drrik says:

    You really ready to set your mom up as a potential impediment to the Clinton machine getting power again?

  8. Paul Jacob says:

    My mom is too busy to run. I’m just suggesting the job of defeating Hillary may require a woman.

    • Michael Foudy says:

      Understood…obviously your Mom is too smart, too sane and too together to even want to be President. But my point at least is that someone like her would be a better President than Hill. 

      For the record though I’m not sure it requires that she be beaten by a woman….

      Although, frankly, who knows…

      • Michael Foudy says:

        Just that she be beaten……That’s all that is required. Hopefully we can avoid the spectre of yet another Bush vs. yet another Clinton….just sayin’

  9. Drik says:

    Sort of pre-Yoda.
    There is no “try”.  There is only “do”. Or “do not”.

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