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Robert Reich Makes Common Cause With Police State

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Common Cause says its job is “Holding Power Accountable.” Robert Reich is the pre-eminent “people’s progressive” propagandist of our time, promoting himself as on the side of underdogs and against corporate power structures.

After the Wisconsin John Doe probe was judicially squelched, last week, Reich promoted Common Causes’s official reaction, insisting that “Corruption — even the appearance of corruption — erodes our democracy. Corruption of our system of justice undermines strikes at the heart of our government.”

This is the Common Cause take:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ended the investigation of possible illegal activity between Scott Walker’s 2011-2012 recall campaign and outside special interest groups.

Four of the justices of the court were the beneficiaries of dark money spent in their behalf and which was the heart of this case. They should have recused themselves and did not.

Robert Reich enthusiastically reiterated Common Cause’s demand for adoption and practice of strict judicial “recusal rules.”

Hmmm. No mention that a federal judge had also ordered the investigation shut down, but that ruling was stayed awaiting state court resolution.

No mention, by either Reich or Common Cause, of the methods the prosecutors used in this case, the gag rules and secrecy, the official attempt to squelch public discussion.

Also no mention of the pre-dawn raids, complete with SWAT teams, barking dogs, and pointed guns, as if the political activists (targeted for unsubstantiated campaign finance rule breaches) were violent drug dealers or terrorists.

The lack of mention of those tactics suggests not merely a lack of interest in the real rule-of-law questions, but also an acceptance of those tactics . . . when applied to political enemies.

That is worse than mere corruption.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Not So Free says:

    It’s Robert Reich. Why would anyone expect anything different?
    Did we learn nothing from his previous actions?

  2. JFB says:

    Reich is aghast with the fact there may have been “dark money” influencing the decision, not the tactics or unconstitutional actions of the ruling class against its opposition.  
    All actions to enforce the progressive agenda in his option are fully justified.  That there might be someone attempting to support persons with competing agendas that cannot be identified (and at least ostracized and better yet punished) is the transgression he is speaking of. 

  3. Paul Jacob says:

    You and I know this, Not So Free, but my suspicion is that many others could use a reminder or a slightly different issue to help illuminate their view.

  4. Pat says:

    “Corruption — even the appearance of corruption — erodes our democracy. Corruption of our system of justice undermines strikes at the heart of our government.”

    Okay, what does that second sentence say? If corruption ‘undermines strikes at the heart of our government’ it sounds almost like a good thing. Were there dashes missing in the transcript, signifying pregnant pauses?

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