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The headline was clear: “State ballot initiative fee raised to $2,000 to prevent mischief.”

It just wasn’t accurate.

Assembly Bill 1100, introduced by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), passed by Democrats in the legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, doesn’t do anything to address “mischief.” Which, incidentally, abounds in California government — especially in the legislature.

The new law raises the cost for citizens to file a ballot initiative from $200 to $2,000. Now, if the mischief-maker has $2,000 to spend, this new law accomplishes . . . nothing.

Only five of the 26 states with initiative and/or referendum charge citizens any filing fee. California’s is now the highest by far.

“There are some lunatics out there and for $200 we encourage them to put measures on the ballot that say we should put a gun to the head of someone who is gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender,” argued Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco). AB1100 was about “clearing out what’s nonsense.”

The senator was referring to an initiative filed by an Orange County attorney, called the “Sodomite Suppression Act,” which, if passed, would establish the death penalty for homosexual conduct.

“This reform is overdue,” argued Assemblyman Low, calling it “a threshold for reasonableness.”

Reasonableness? Those with $2,000 are more reasonable than those with just $200?

The anti-gay measure was a stunt. No signatures were collected. It wasn’t going to be on any ballot. Still, the Attorney General went to court to have it declared unconstitutional. Case closed.

So, why pass AB1100?

To make it harder for voters to go around legislators via the ballot initiative. Just more mischief.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Government Scold, collage, montage, Paul Jacob, Jim Gill


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  1. Steven Sass says:

    Someone MUST put to referendum NOW a bill that would ABOLISH [of freeze] fee for filing a referendum. It would also be nice to see ANY legislator that files ANY BILL must pay, from his or her pocket, say $100!

  2. Karen H says:

    As I mentioned in a comment the other day, California citizens are quickly becoming the most legislated, taxed and controlled citizens in the U.S. So much so, that I am contemplating where else to go. This article highlights yet another example of how the cognoscenti rules us.

    In Los Angeles the City Council, in spite of an uproar from emergency services, have passed the mobility act. This act (in a roll out) will reduce major intersections to 1 lane. The intent is to force Los Angelenos to abandon their cars & walk, bus or bike. Doesn’t matter that the transit system is still woefully lacking. So it’s control. We think you should drive less. So we’ll make it incredibly painful to do so. And as I also mentioned, Paul, please study the SB350, which is even more intrusive.

    Big government continues to grow and as you’ve pointed out, they’re making it harder for us to stop it.

  3. Paul Jacob says:

    California was for so long a shining example of smart governance. It has become the opposite. And the culprits are the legislators who have spent and regulated the state insanely. 

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