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I’m almost professionally required to say something nice about Donald Trump — because mainstream media feel professionally required to ridicule him. So here goes: he’s doing us a great service in his presidential run.

Trump’s sort of a bung puller; he’s unstopped the cork of polite political society, and shown the massive voter dissatisfaction by giving more realistic voice to just how stupid government is. “Really stupid!”

But, beyond that, where does he stand? On too many issues, that’s murky. For economist David Henderson, a friend of mine from way back, this shows promise.

Henderson is a free-market economist. He’s not into the whole warfare/big stick bullying that some conservatives channel from the first Progressive president, Teddy Roosevelt. Trump, writes Henderson, stands out, by not having “foreign policy advisers.” Which Henderson regards as “refreshing, given the hawkish views of the vast majority of his Republican competitors.”

Henderson also acknowledges Trump’s downsides, including “Trump’s claim, in 2011, that the U.S. government, having won the war in Iraq, should have taken their oil.” This nationalist plunder idea is evil on its face. And disturbingly retro, harkening back to the days of rapine and pillage.

Understandably, Americans fixate on the man’s “charisma.” Should that make us comfortable? Of Max Weber’s three types of authority (traditional, charismatic, and rational-legal), charismatic is the least predictable, least stable. People will follow too far those they love too much. Or find too entertaining?

Trump serves, for now, as a sort of Rorshach inkblot test. What you see depends on your hopes, fears, or the context of Trump’s candidacy, as you understand it.

For my part, I don’t see an accountable proponent of responsible, limited government.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Trump Blot, Rorshach, inkblot, editorial, political cartoon


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  1. Not So Free says:

    Whatever opinion anyone has about Trump, he is making the other candidates answer questions they don’t want to have anything to do with.

  2. Brian Wright says:

    I think Trump is important because of what he stands against more than what he stands for. And what he does seem to stand against is the controlled media and globalist agenda that disemploys millions of Americans, heading toward the ultimate agenda of depopulation. Here’s an interesting analysis from Jon Rappoport:

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Trump is saying things that resonate with many voters; things that professional politicians on both sides also know, but are afraid to touch as they cower in fear of offending the “protected classes”.

  4. Karen H says:

    I agree with all the previous comments. As an ex-pat New Yorker, I have followed the Donald since his early rise. I find him bombastic, rude & without any censor. I agree with him that we need better trade deals. Get Americans working again. And I do think that Putin, China & other Arab potentates will respect him more than they do our current President. But we all know that a President still has to work with the glut & slime of Congress to get agendas passed. Can Trump do that? Also his utter lack of diplomacy and cringe worthy, often egotistical comments makes me doubt his effectiveness.

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