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Video: Kasich — For & Against Term Limits

Asked about reforming Washington toward the end of a rambling hour-long talk yesterday to employees at C&S Wholesale Grocers in Keene, New Hampshire, presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich came out squarely against term limits.

And then, 100 percent for them.

“We put term limits in in Ohio. You know what its effect is? It means the staff’s running the place now.”

A minute later: “Do I favor term limits? I do.”

But he added . . . “I favor long — ours is eight years; it ought to be twelve. In Congress, it ought to be twelve. We ought to have term limits, okay. That‘s what we ought to have.”

“But that’s not going to fix anything,” Kasich declared. Before, in his next breath, he admitted, “It’ll fix a couple things.”

“You gotta understand,” the governor emphasized, “what fixes things is the character and the leadership.”

Kasich went on to say that he “could have stayed in Congress for a hundred years.” But that a “politician . . . should go in, do public service and get out.”

Okay, then.

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  1. rick says:

    OT  Parents are reeling from news that 16 schools could be sold off to charter school operators, teachers are staging sick-outs and now the language barrier between some parents and school staffers is getting bigger.

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