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The Anti-Republican Party Establishment

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Yesterday, we decried the rigged superdelegate voting process used by establishment Democrats to Hillary Clinton’s benefit — and party members’ detriment. Today, we switch parties to find the GOP establishment in full panic mode, so terrified at the prospect of a Ted Cruz victory that they’re now rallying around Donald Trump.

Republican Party stalwart Bob Dole, the 92-year-old former Senate Majority Leader and a 35-year Washington insider, called Sen. Cruz an “extremist.” A Cruz victory would lead to “cataclysmic” losses for the party, Dole contends, and by the way . . . “Nobody likes him.”

“Nobody in Washington,” Dole means.

As for Trump? Dole thinks Trump could “probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker.”

The right personality?

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a fixture in Congress for the last 41 years, introduced Trump recently by clumsily validating Trump’s campaign slogan: “we have an opportunity, once again, to make America great again.”

And again.

According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, “Trump does not have any particular enemies down here. I don’t think anyone gets up in the morning and is irritated with him. That’s not how it is with Cruz.”

Former GOP congressman turned lobbyist Vin Weber says that the establishment’s hated of Cruz “has forced some people to look past all of Trump’s issues and think about what he could offer.”


The Republican establishment really, really, really despises Sen. Ted Cruz. But they can live with Donald Trump.

Hmmmm . . . advantage Cruz.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Cruz, Trump, Republican, primary, nomination, president, campaign, Common Sense, Paul Jacob, James Gill, illustration


By: CS Admin


  1. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    I would be so embarrassed to be a Democrat or Republican. Whew, what relief.

  2. I do think Lynn is on to something.

  3. Eddie says:

    At this point ….

    I expect to see Trump indicted for being politically incorrect, while Clinton skates free to party at her inaugural ball.  

  4. Pat says:

    Don’t trust anyone the GOP establishment wants. That means Rubio, Bush, Kasich.
    Cruz or Trump will satisfy me. Trump is not my first choice but I will vote for him, just to tick off people like Bill Kristol and Bob Dole. Maybe the GOP establishment ‘can live with Donald Trump’, but will they work for his election? I doubt it.

  5. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. the GOP establishment can live with Donald Trump …. 

    I remember when, in 1990, it spoke similarly of Billy-Goat Blythe. 

    When its cronyist Chamber of Commerce Crime Family element (spoke from experience and) said it “could work with” him.

    Brian Richard Allen

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