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Tainted Money?

Bernie Sanders, PAC, hypocrisy, donations, illustration

Bernie Sanders’s supporters take great pride in the “fact” that their candidate doesn’t take money from corporate interests. He himself has said he doesn’t want PAC money. But he has not been returning the checks from unions.

The National Nurses United, a seven-year-old union, has been the biggest donor. According to the New York Times, “The union’s ‘super PAC’ has spent close to $1 million on ads and other support for Mr. Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate who has inspired liberal voters with his calls to eradicate such outside groups.”

The Sanders crusade has, in fact, benefited from “more super PAC money . . . than for either of his Democratic rivals, including Hillary Clinton. . . .”

You will forgive me my growing guffaw.

“I do appreciate the irony,” the union’s executive director told the Times. “All things being equal, we would rather not be doing this. On the other hand, we want to see Bernie as president.”

Bernie doesn’t see the irony, and denies a contradiction. He wants to overturn the Citizens United decision. If that decision allows unions to launder money and soak his cause with it, well, fine. At least he’s not getting his hands dirty like Hillary, who really knows how to milk corporate groups. Bernie benefits from “spontaneous” PAC support.

It is worth remembering that this PAC method, after all, is little more than a consequence of post-Nixon Era limits on individual campaign contributions. It’s a work-around.

Overturn Citizens United and other work-arounds will be found.

Meanwhile, Sanders and his followers will continue to live by a double standard: your money, bad; our money, good.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Bernie Sanders, PAC, hypocrisy, donations, illustration


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  1. JFB says:

    National Nurses United are short sighted.  Is the voluntary SuperPAC actually seeking a single payer nationalized medical system?  Do they desire to effectively have one omnipowerful employer who will also make it illegal to strike and set their wages?
    Is the Union actively seeking involuntary servitude for their rank and file?  Have they spoken with their Canadian counterparts?
    One of Detroit’s advantages is access to Canadian nurses, it might be good to speak with them before making policy and political positions. 

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