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Failure and the Five-Day Weekend

Venezuela, socialism, failure, work day, illustration

Socialists often brag how their activism — through unions — gave the modern world its five-day workweek. One could spend a book picking at this boast, but no need: it’s overshadowed by the latest.

A socialist country has just reduced the workweek to two days! Hooray for socialism!

Or, no cheers at all. For this epochal move occurred in Venezuela, the “world’s worst performing economy,” with an inflation rate soaring to 720 percent and an absence of food, toilet paper, and . . . electricity: “President Nicolás Maduro will furlough the country’s public employees,” Nick Miroff writes in the Washington Post, “who account for a third of the labor force — for the bulk of the week, so they can sit through rolling blackouts at home rather than in the office.”

It’s only government employees who get the five-day weekend. And this is not a sign of socialist efficiency (heh heh), ushering in a Marxist utopia.

Another nation ruined by socialism and technocracy!

But not just any nation. Venezuela can boast one of the largest oil reserves in the world. If Norway and Alaska and desert sheiks can milk their underground deposits and distribute goodies to their people, why cannot Venezuelans manage it?

Because they extended socialist planning beyond a kleptocratic sharing scheme. Experts had advised them decades ago to build the world’s largest hydroelectric dam, live off low- or no-priced electricity as well as oil sales. Today, oil goes cheap . . . and there’s a drought, too little water behind the dam.

Now Venezuelans are trying to burn oil to generate electricity — mostly without success. Socialism has it all — rampant corruption and catastrophic inefficiency.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Venezuela, socialism, failure, work day, illustration


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  1. Brian Wright says:

    Not only the iron fist in the velvet glove, but universal misery… except for those who are ‘more equal than others.’ What the socialists don’t tell you is their society is still patriarchal fascism in a bad matriarchal disguise. Orwell has a lot to say about socialism: they are the worse criminals because they pretend they are not.

  2. Pat says:

    They reduced the work week. but what about the salaries? If the public employees are getting only forty percent of their salary, I’d wait before declaring it an abject failure. Didn’t one of our founding fathers say the government which governs best governs least? IF we sent people from certain departments of the federal (and state) government home on unpaid leave, it might be an improvement. At least, they’d do no harm.

  3. Mike Spalding says:

    These articles would work well as a quick podcast.  You could call it the Freedom Minute (Common Sense is already taken).  You might expand your audience and a quick commercial at the beginning could generate revenue.

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