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Robert Reich, Donald Trump,

Donald Trump is’s worst nightmare.

The decades-old “left-leaning” organization is still very much a live concern.

The group’s original mission was to urge then-President Bill Clinton’s censure, rather than his impeachment . . . and then “move on” to normal governmental business.

Over the years, the organization has backed “progressive” candidates, and promoted causes like campaign finance reform.

Trump annoys MoveOn folks doubly, I gather. Though he’s super-rich, he parlayed social media to leverage major media to gain billions in free coverage — which is precisely what MoveOn attempts to do.

Trump also sports a tongue that flouts all past decorum, thus making Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal itself seem . . . almost . . . quaint.

Oh, and this: Trump seems to stand for everything MoveOn supporters are against. That is, if you can figure what, precisely, Trump stands for on most issues.

Robert Reich wrote an email, the other day, reveling in his role as a video propagandist for the organization for over a year, but fearing that isn’t enough to defeat Trump. So, he explains, “instead of just producing an online video every few weeks, MoveOn’s gearing up to produce one practically every day.” He writes to pitch for money.

MoveOn’s videos may be very effective — at getting progressive types to hate Trump all the more, and to vote against him.

Less certain is their reach. Can the new professional videographers preach beyond the eager choir?

Oh, and it’s worth noting that this is precisely the kind of thing campaign finance reform is designed to squelch.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Robert Reich, Donald Trump,


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  1. Pat says:

    How can you say this is what campaign finance reform was designed to squelch?
    It’s not like the old days where there were limited licenses for radio and television stations. You don’t need sponsors to buy time from a local station. You don’t need radio or television to get your message out. The internet gives all of us a microphone and lets everyone seek out whatever they want to find in the cloud (or wherever) about anyone. If it’s not done with campaign contributions, then how can it be controlled? How can you limit my right to make a movie about Donald or Hillary or Jill and post it for people to see? Isn’t that a violation of the First Amendment? A lot of things now are being done by individuals, not by organized groups with tax exemptions. Can’t MoveOn, if confronted, say this was done by one of their members and not conneected to them? Technology has made it both possible and affordable for the common man to reach the masses. C-SPAN has annual contests where high school students put together five-minute videos. They know all about editing and finding footage on the internet and filming live. How do you stop it without violating a person’s freedom of speech?

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