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Whose Coup?

Republican, convention, 2016, Donald Trump, illustration

Melania Trump’s beautifully adequate speech last night at the prime-time opening of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland clashed with the ugly chaos earlier.

Everyone knew the convention’s rules package would be a point of conflict. A wee bit of open democracy might have unified delegates. Instead, the rules were rushed through on a voice vote, immediately after which the chair ignored delegates loudly calling for points of order as well as demanding a roll-call vote on the package.

In the uproar that ensued, that convention chair, Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack, inexplicably left the stage unmanned.

“I’ve never seen the chair vacated like that,” said Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who had tried and failed to get recognized.

Morton Blackwell, a 32-year RNC member, complained the process was “crooked”; former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli used the word “disgusting.”

After what seemed an eternity, Womack appeared back on stage, again calling a voice vote, quickly ruling that the “Ayes” had it over the “Nays,” and then ignoring yet more delegates trying to be recognized.

He finally explained that not enough states had called for the roll call — three states had withdrawn their petition. No mention that the long delay had allowed Trump and RNC operatives to pressure enough delegates into withdrawing their petition.

This served as “a glimpse into the future of a Trump presidency,” suggested former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey, adding that Trump supporters “act very much like fascists, shouting down the opposition, treating them roughly.”

Hyperbole? Sure. But yesterday’s events do indicate a lack respect for democratic process.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Republican, convention, 2016, Donald Trump, illustration


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  1. Brian Richard Allen says:

    …. Trump supporters shout down Trump’s opponents and, very much as would fascists, treat opponents roughly ….

    Meanwhile, their faux fuehrer walks like a fascist, talks like one and acts like one.

    And is totally ignorant of our nation’s founding Law and imperiously authoritarian.

    Must be one.

    Brian Richard Allen.:

  2. Laurence says:

    I have to respectfully call BS here and especially on Mike Lee who has previously positioned himself as one of the Republicans who has railed against elected GOP members not living up to the exceptions and the clear will of voters. Trump was not the candidate I voted for here in AZ but he was clearly the winner here, and in an overwhelming number of other states. I am sickened by this attempt to undo the clear choice of the electorate by “political process”.

  3. Pat says:

    A ‘a lack respect for democratic process’ is evidenced by the FTD movement. These same people were Romney supporters and called for all of us to ‘unite’ in 2012 behind Romney. Many are Cruz supporters and Cruz delegates and that’s fine. Let them cast their votes for Cruz on the first ballot. Cruz won in their states. That doesn’t excuse what they are doing now. They are trying to override the primary votes in other states Where is THEIR respect for the democratic process?

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