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Video: Equality, Opportunity, and All That

“Sargon of Akkad,” a videoblogger on YouTube who is most famous for his weekly series “This Week in Stupid,” makes an eloquent and commonsense case for the traditional meaning of “equality of opportunity,” against a egalitarian who thinks the idea is unworkable (and who prefers straight equality of outcomes):

Note: “Sargon” has named himself after history’s first emperor (the YouTuber’s extra-net name is Carl Benjamin), and argues from what he calls the “liberal” position, of what might be specified more accurately as Limited Transfer State Liberalism. It is a position very similar to F. A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom. Sargon, in this video, continues his ongoing attacks upon progressivism and socialism of the “Social Justice Warrior” left. He also, interestingly, uses the word “libertarian” as a general designator of a tendency, as philosopher Benedetto Croce used his coinage “liberist” — a general term to replace a once well-understood “liberalism.” Sargon is not a modern libertarian.

Sargon’s online enemies often refer to him as “alt-right” and “ultra-conservative,” to which Mr. Benjamin rightly objects, and on good grounds.

Sargon’s case, here, is strikingly like the standard, moderate Democrat/moderate Republican standpoint of America and Britain, fifty years ago.

How times have changed!

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