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The Stupidity of 15

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Most Americans think there are only two choices for the presidency. And will thus vote for either Clinton or Trump.

They are wrong. There are two popular minor party contenders, and one will even be on all 50 state ballots.

In other election cycles, one could argue that a “third party” candidate has no reasonable chance to win — so, just ignore.

A self-fulfilling criterion?

Sure. But it works . . . for the major parties.

This cycle, however, it just doesn’t apply. A third party-candidate could indeed become the next president . . . even without capturing 15 percent nationally in the polls . . . or, get this, in the actual voting!


Founded and run by Republican and Democrat bigwigs, the private non-profit Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is not an honest broker. The CPD’s 15 percent national polling threshold for inclusion in the debates neglects a crucial fact: presidential electors aren’t won nationally, but by winning states.

According to the latest Washington Post/SurveyMonkey poll, the Libertarian candidate, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, isn’t polling quite 15 percent nationally. But he is polling 25 percent in his home state, where Trump is at 29 and Clinton at 37 percent.

Yes, Johnson is within striking distance to win New Mexico’s five electoral votes.

If Johnson does win there, and Trump keeps it close, winning say Ohio and Florida, no candidate may gain a majority of the Electoral College. The presidential contest would be thrown into the House of Representatives, the first time since 1824! With each state delegation casting one vote, Johnson could serve as the compromise, even consensus, choice.

It seems to me that the next president ought to be in the debates.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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President, Presidential, vote, House of Representatives, tie, illustration


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  1. 2War Abn Vet says:

    Johnson is polling this well bvecause people know little about him, but know a lot about the primaty candidates. Actually, he is not at all Conservative, and isn’t much of a Libertarian.

  2. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    Thanks for the well done capsule on the possibilities.

    Another issue about which many people know relatively nothing is the deceit of Ballot Access, Similar to the debate commission, is the long history of the R’s and D’s manipulating Ballot Access to make it increasingly difficult.. I made the prediction publicly that First the Republican Party and then the Democrat Party would self destruct before 2020. When one adopts the perverted idea that the end justifies the means reality someday bites them “you know where.”
    Certainly the dishonesty, power plays, fear mongering and scapegoating will remain in the minds of many. I am optimistic that soon they will awaken to the shame that their own complicity must include them in the farce.

    • QUESTION: Will third Party Access to the ballot, and a spot on the Debate Stage overcome the lack of support, or outright denunciations of the Johnson/Wild ticket? I am sadly disappointed with the Liberty Movement who are in the process of “Eating their own” while shooting themselves in the foot with their silence or vocal slams.

  3. Michael Foudy says:

    Both you and Lynn are 100% correct Paul.

  4. This is the year of the Third Party. Here is a lesson from history: One of the major political parties is collapsing. In a vacuum they can probably regroup and revitalize their Party. But there is a viable third party in the wings with a viable platform working hard in the background. It provides a new home for those fleeing the collapsing party. The year 1854 when the Whig party implodes and the Republican Party is formed. Six years later their candidate for President, Abraham Lincoln is elected. Today we see two Parties on the verge of collapsing. They have each, through the nominating process have nominated candidates that could be beaten by almost any of the opposing Parties contenders except the one that was nominated. More than one of the loosing Rs could beat Clinton. Several prominent Ds could beat Trump.
    Today, as it was in 1854 the Rs and the Ds will probably be able to regroup because the Libertarian Movement is busy creating the vacuum the Rs and Ds need to regroup by marginalizing Johnson/Weld Libertarian ticket.. If you agree with this analysis send this message to your three moist favored Libertarian Movement organizations requesting that the support the TEAM WE HAVE than wait for the team they want.

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