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Rin Tin Tin

September 10, 1918, is the estimated date of birth for Rin Tin Tin, one of a litter of shell-shocked puppies found by an American serviceman in a bombed-out kennel in Lorraine, less than two months before the end of World War I. The dog went on to become the lead actor in a number of very popular films, and one of the great celebrities of his age.

By: Redactor


  1. wb says:

    i always wondered why people put such easy teasers at the end of their stories to prove this is a live person and not a spam bot as i just spent the day at my local driver license bureau. great story and what a good dog. i cannot for the life of me understand how someone can callously shoot someone’s pet. this reminds of a story i was heard from an elderly gentleman who worked in German government as a low level civil servant during the times of Hitler. he has since passed on, sad tale as he lost all 4 of his sons on the eastern front fighting the Russians. he remembered hearing a conversation of one of the workers, a friend at lunch one day, of an interview his son had had with a local party official. his son was their pride and joy, a model citizen and Hitler Youth member. the meeting was a first get to know you meeting as this young man was going into in army, 1937, before the world war started. the military recruiter and local nazi official wanted to know if he thought he would be interested in a special outfit that considered elite. the young man was a virtual model of german manhood, which i suspect is why they wanted him, tall, athletic, intelligent, with very good family connections. i learned among the questions they asked was had you ever hurt small animals? shocked, he asked why. the interview was immediately over. sad, he still enlisted and fought in North Africa where he was taken prisoner by the English and later returned home to a very happy father. his other family members and his mother had died in allied air raids of their city. in my years in sales i have met many Jews as well who sometimes would take me into their confidence as they told me what happened in the camps. i don’t care what the true numbers of death were there if just one person died in that manner it was wrong and those who did this are damned for all eternity. just following orders is the excuse of a heartless creature who no longer is human, but a demon in human form. they may not get their just desserts here but one day they will be called to answer for their crimes before the Almighty Judge of the Universe. this is the one true thing i know.

    • Michael Morrison says:

      You will no doubt consider it strange, but Adolf Hitler actually strongly opposed cruelty to animals, especially dogs. Here are some links to that seemingly contradictory story:
      Animal welfare in Nazi Germany – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      There was widespread support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany among the country’s leadership. Adolf Hitler and his top officials took a variety of measures to ensure animals … who were responsible for drafting the legislative text, wrote in their juridical comment from 1939, that by the law the animal was to be “protected …
      Did Hitler have a deep and profound love for animals? | Yahoo Answers
      May 15, 2010 – Hitler definitely loved animals, especially dogs. … Hitler was given films by a maharaja which displayed animals killing people. … 4 comments.
      Hitler and the Animal Rights dichotomy of Germany in the 30s ……/hitler-and-the-animal-rights-dichotomy-of-germa…
      Feb 4, 2011 – It banned docking the tails and ears of dogs without anesthesia, the force-feeding of fowl, and the inhumane killing of farm animals. Adolf Hitler …

  2. Michael Morrison says:

    You might enjoy an excellent, and very well-written, book on the life and times and humans of Rin Tin Tin, also known as Rin-Tin-Tin:

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