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Bernie’s Principled Recommendation

Bernie Sanders, man of principle, translated:

Sure Gary has taken a stand against endless war, the drug war, our insane justice system, overcrowded prisons, police militarization, police abuse of civil rights, corporate cronyism, government surveillance…

…but he’s not offering any free stuff, so you’d better vote for Hillary!

Here’s what will continue under Hillary:
More war
More drug war
More police militarization
More rampant police abuse of civil rights
More overcrowded prisons
More government surveillance
More corporate cronyism
More national debt
More taxes to pay for all of this madness.

How do we know they will continue? Because she has helped to create and promote policies that have given us all of these things in the past.

There was a time when a liberal would have been appalled by these prospects. Now these are casually dismissed as acceptable as long as they get to have their progressive agenda… and she’s not even a consistent progressive!

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