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We Take the Bullet

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“[I]f someone puts a gun to your head,” argues David Boaz of the Cato Institute, “and says you have to choose between Clinton and Trump, the correct answer is, take the bullet.”

Then, proving the axiom “it can always get worse,” came Friday’s twin revelations: the Washington Post broke the story of Donald Trump caught on a hot microphone bragging about groping women, and WikiLeaks released hacked emails with unflattering revelations about Hillary Clinton “principled” duplicity.

The Clinton camp huffs about the hack of campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, but denies nothing.

In those speeches for which Wall Street firms paid her millions, Clinton’s progressivism evaporates. She suggests Goldman Sachs and other large financial firms should regulate themselves, because they “know the industry better than anybody.”

While publicly bashing the rich, she privately complains before her wealthy audience about the “bias against people who have led successful . . . lives.” Moreover, Hillary explains that it’s bad “if everybody is watching” public policy being made, adding: “[Y]ou need both a public and a private position.”

And to think some folks don’t trust her.

Mr. Trump likewise confirmed our worst fears. During a 2005 taping of a television soap, he boasted that “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

And then gave a “rapey” example of what “anything” means.

This man deserves political power?

Forget which is worse. Note how much alike they are. Both seem to think they can say — even do — anything. Without consequences.

Without caring one whit about the rest of us.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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debate, Hillary, Donald Trump, the scream, bullet, illustration


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  1. John F. Brennan says:

    There is a major difference, Ms. Clinton is justifying her duplicity when she was in a position of,or resulting from, the public trust. Trump was speaking of the aphrodisiac effect power has on many of the human race, male and female. 
    There is a difference, a major one. Trump at the time was not holding himself out as a leader or example. He can claim cathartic change as he adopted his new role, Ms. Clinton is displaying how she fulfills that role. 

    • Brian Richard Allen says:

      And, when he said that silly stuff, he was still a “Democrat.”

      And don’t they give themselves license to say and do (Billy-Goat-Bubbah Cli’ton) that kind of thing?

  2. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    I do not have to rely on leaked info or long ago tapes. It is all very easy to evaluate Clintons and Trump. . Their constant public and current words they speak and the current actions they do, easily can explain my disdain for both. Sensible, sane, ethical people are available if one desires to vote. And one can listen carefully to ALL their past and current words and actions of what they say. Cannot find much negative about either candidate in what they do. . Most negatives on them are easily refuted as the press for the most part only reports a small portion. To be “fair and balanced” the Green party candidate, although in my point of view is very mistaken on economic issues, know of no I find no unethical behavior in her past. I feel sure Jill and I could have a pleasant conversation. I would not even want to be in the same room with Trump or Clinton. BLAH!

    • John F. Brennan says:

      Ms Bloxham, we generally do not have the luxury of electing saints as they are quite rare, and the reward of the perfect in history has been crucifixion.  

  3. Karen H says:

    I am going to preface my statements with I LOATHE BOTH. However, I loathe Trump less because as Mr. Brennan pointed out, Trump held no office or public trust 11 years ago. He decided to run because he sees that America is suffering under the crushing policies & regulations of business & the American people.

    All this aside, I worked in the entertainment industry most of my adult life. The behavior Mr. Trump / Billy Bush discussed is rampant across the entertainment, music & sports world. Why? Because men & women prostitute themselves to be in the aura of them. I worked on a Feature Film, where the exec producer on a daily basis had some hopeful actress appear in his office. The door would close & she’d emerge 20 mins later. Never saw a 1 of them get a job. When I was dating a celebrity & while out to dinner a gal approached our table. She provocatively removed her bra & then wrote her phone number on it & gave it to him. When I worked on a number of TV series, all the actors regardless of age or looks were getting plenty of action from the extras, guests etc. Nobody went looking for it. It was free offerings. & most of these male stars were married with children. How do you think Gene Simmons (by his own admission) banged 1000s of women? Wasn’t because he had a fabulous online dating profile.

    People allow themselves to be subjugated.

    I will take nasty braggadocio speech over having blood on my hands like Mrs. Clinton.

    • Karen H says:

      I could tell you hundreds of similar stories. And it certainly exists in the gay community as well. The lust for the famous knows no gender or preference.

  4. But there is a difference. Clinton is a proven mass murdering war criminal whose wars and policies have killed & murdered hundreds of thousands+. She is also a confirmed rapist/highway robber/tax extorter as a professional politician.
    Donald Trump has done none of that (at least not yet) and deserves much more of the benefit of the doubt. Everything Trump has accomplished has been in the private free market environment responding to private incentives, desires and demand.
    Although Gary Johnson arguably has much better policy positions than Trump, voters in some battleground states are better off voting for Trump just to make sure the confirmed Welfare-Warfare authoritarian Clinton does not win.
    As a Free Market Anarchist I will not vote because I don’t believe in it and don’t like it. But clearly even to me, the number one priority in this election is that people of conscience make sure Hillary Clinton does not win.

  5. Brian Wright says:

    Nicely commentaried, Paul. My experience is that really awful men politicians are often sex addicts, but it isn’t really about sex, it’s about power and domination. But to balance, JFK was a sex addict and managed to subdue that beast for some real fine peace moves toward the end of his career. Johnson-Weld are the only ‘sane and sober’ choice.

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