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Hillary Futures

Hillary Clinton, lies, truth, untrustworthy, immigration, trade, drug war, war, Bosnia, Surveillance, Gay Rights, illustration

Trust must be earned; Hillary Rodham Clinton hasn’t earned it.

And yet, if the polls hold, Mrs. Clinton will be elected the next president of these United States — the first-ever female commander-in-chief, sure, but viewed by a clear majority of Americans as untrustworthy.

Part of the problem is her husband Bill. The former president has been accused of inappropriate sexual advances and liaisons . . . and even sex crimes. Hillary’s campaign rightly keeps reminding people that he is not on the ballot. But wasn’t Hillary going to have Bill “run the economy”?

Besides, what’s most relevant is how she defended her philandering husband against his women accusers, with threats, intimidation, and a decided lack of feminist solidarity.

Older folks remember “Travelgate” (a self-serving gaucherie); even Millennials should recall the Bosnian “sniper fire” (self-aggrandizing fib). Then there’s Benghazi. Documents obtained by Congress show Mrs. Clinton immediately telling her daughter that the attack was a planned terrorist attack by an al-Qaeda affiliate. Nonetheless, Hillary publicly blamed the attack on an Internet video.

It was “extremely careless” for Hillary to have set up a private email server, vulnerable to foreign hacking. But how sly to use BleachBit to destroy her hard drive, erasing any money trail. And then, she responded to reporters asking if she wiped her server: “Like with a cloth or something?” Chutzpah.

Ugliest, though, was one of the earliest: cattle futures.

Evidence convinces me that Hillary took a nearly $100,000 bribe disguised as profits from trading cattle futures that she did not actually trade. James Blair, “who at the time was outside counsel to Tyson Foods Inc., Arkansas’ largest employer,” helped Clinton supposedly “out of friendship, not to seek political gain for his state-regulated client.”

The windfall profit was more than lawyer Hillary and Attorney General (and then Governor) Bill earned together annually from their two fulltime jobs. Quite a risky “gamble.” Does Hillary seem like a reckless gambler?

So many scandals and lies. From the next president.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Hillary Clinton, lies, truth, untrustworthy, immigration, trade, drug war, war, Bosnia, Surveillance, Gay Rights, illustration


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  1. Lyle Rolfe says:

    Paul, there are so many crooked things you did not have space to print. One of my favorites that Trump did not call her on was that 90 percent of their money earned for the foundation was spent on doing good and only 10 percent for their expenses. We know better from facts that they pocketed 90 percent and spent all of 10 percent on doing good. Trump certainly should have called her LIAR on that one. Keep up the good work Paul.

  2. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    To hear my friends in Arkansas tell it we only now the tip of the Iceberg about her past. Yee gads! Though my Arkansas Democrat friends will not vote for her, many Democrats I talk to now, think the charges are manufactured by sour grape Republicans. This attitude shows the danger of over stating your case when arguing against an opposition.

  3. JATR4 says:

    This from a convicted draft dodger!

  4. Brian Wright says:

    I’ve already voted absentee for Johnson-Weld, but after reading Trump’s historic speech of October 13, I’m reevaluating once again. He nails the media and its central role in furthering the chaos of the Men of the Power Sickness:

  5. Pat says:

    Your litany of Clinton misdeeds is too little, too late.
    What difference, at this point, does it make? We have already accepted the media spin on all of these incidents. We had a president who swore to faithfully execute the office of President and who then lied under oath. His act of perjury (a felony) was disregarded because it was ‘only about sex’. The damage is done. We will rue the day either Clinton was even considered to be presidential material.

  6. Gramma says:

    She is Teflon, as someone has stated–nothing has stuck to her, is not now, and will not be. She is a hard core liberal woman, unfit to be president , is pro-killing of the unborn and partially born, yet an ad has her saying that she loves children–Judgement Day is not run by voters, but by the only True God, and she has much for which to answer!

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