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The Shadow of Incompetence and Racism

Hillary Clinton, Podesta, list, quota, illustration

Just when you thought it was safe to ignore Hillary Clinton . . .

Out from the Land of Might Have Been blurps the “news from nowhere” as to what Mrs. Clinton’s cabinet would have been. Some are calling it the “ghost cabinet,” the sadder version of a shadow cabinet.

And top on the list? Secretary of State John Podesta!

Mrs. Clinton’s own recklessness regarding secrets and security protocols while she was Secretary of State was apparently not enough. It turns out she aspires to insecurity, for she had planned to give her old job to the man who protected his computer with the immortal, hard-to-guess password “p@ssw0rd.”

The sheer effrontery here — or is it just witless, callous incompetence? — is astounding.

And the insanity* gets better. At least, if the public source for this information, former Politico chief political reporter Mike Allen (now of start-up news source Axios) can be trusted, “The Environmental Protection Agency and/or the Department of Education were to go to an African-American candidate. . . .”

Ah, tokenism!

Notice what is not mentioned: who. Just the what. The only admitted qualification being: skin-color.

Democrats are obsessed with racism these days. They never tire of charging anyone they disagree with as racist. And yet selecting someone because of their race is . . . suspiciously close to being racist.

Of course, Democrats do not see it that way.

They live in a race-based bubble. But like the Podesta-Clinton security measures, it may have just been hacked — er, compromised.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


* Other names have been leaked. Here is a list courtesy of The Daily Caller:

Attorney General — Current AG Loretta Lynch

Treasury Department — Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Labor Department — Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Defense Department — Michèle Flournoy, a former Defense Department official

Health and Human Services — Center for American Progress executive director Neera Tanden

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Hillary Clinton, Podesta, list, quota, illustration


By: CS Admin


  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the laugh. The idea of Podesta as Secretary of State is hilarious.

    Has this ever happened before – the loser telling everyone what they could have had? Just wondering.

  2. Mario Guillont Jr. says:

    Doncha love it!?

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