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George H. Lewes

History shows how the human mind, which, at the dawn of civilisation, was a lyre of three chords, became in the progress of civilisation a lyre of seven chords. . . .

G. H. Lewes, Problems of Life and Mind (Third Series) Problem the First — The Study of Psychology: Its Object, Scope, and Method (1879), p. 157.

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  1. dick jones says:

    I figure anyone who could come up with the 3-string/chord to 7-string/chord theory is probably insane. I know Wikipedia is always suspect, but I’m going with Wiki on this one. Lewes was a fool.

    G. H. Lewes: 18 April 1817 – 30 November 1878) was an English philosopher and critic of literature and theatre. He became part of the mid-Victorian ferment of ideas which encouraged discussion of Darwinism, positivism, and religious skepticism. However, he is perhaps best known today for having openly lived with Mary Ann Evans, who wrote under the pen-name George Eliot, as soul mates whose life and writings were enriched by their relationship, despite never marrying.” ME AGAIN: Eliot, an agnostic humanist and militant religious skeptic, was certainly not much. A lovely couple they must have been.

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