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Milo Y / Anti-Milo Why-Nots

Berkeley, home to the Free Speech movement in the “olden days,” was home this week to violence and mayhem that “successfully” blocked the free and peaceful exchange of ideas.

As you consider how a free people should respond, here are various voices from the scene of the crime.

First, a former Clinton Era “economist” offers a number of judgments without any facts to back them up. Indeed, he spreads a rumor that conflicts with everything we know about the blackshirt thugs of Antifa and similar far-left “anarchist” groups:

And if you want more of this loopiness, with even more outrageous comments shifting blame away from the actual perpetrators of the violence and onto Trump and others, watch the full CNN talking heads panel. If you dare!

Next, a young “By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN) member explains the “peaceful” nature of her movement:

You judge her logic. Her excuse-making. Her more-than-implied threats.

This young woman, and the illustrious Robert Reich, are not alone on the left in defending the violence and the suppression of free speech. Consider the long list of “celebs.”

Finally, mull over the actual words of the man Robert Reich calls a “hateful, odious” “right-wing character” (and whom others call “racist” and “homophobic” and even a gay “Nazi”):

This video has been bleeped to omit vulgarity; click here for the pristine (vulgar tongue) version, if you wish.

There are many greatly varying opinions about Milo Yiannopoulos. This is but one video wherein he very earnestly states his views. We welcome you to use the COMMENTS section to post any videos or links that you think folks should consider in making their own judgments about the man. Likewise, please leave links to additional information about speech-squelching activities by those on the political Left or Right or Center.

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  1. Mario Guillont Jr. says:

    This is nothing new from the far left. In 1968/69 while I attended L.A. Trade Tech college in the photography dept., our instructor told a few of us to cover the speeches of some of these radicals of that time. What we got for it was not praise and thanks for covering their rants…er speeches, and instead they smashed the students cameras (which were expensive to replace) and recording equipment. Oh well, so much for the PEACE of the times. As King Solomon once said,”….there is nothing new under the sun….”

  2. Drik says:

    Berkeley is liable for damages for failing to provide adequate security to protect people peaceably assembling.

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