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No-Go Zones

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“We’ve got to keep our country safe,” President Donald Trump said last week at a rally in Melbourne, Florida. Hardly objectionable.

It was what he said next that baffled . . . some.

“You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden, who would believe this?”

Many news outlets ran with the official Swedish response: puzzlement. What happened the night before in Sweden? Was he suggesting a terror attack? There was no terror attack. Ah, President Trump: lying again!

Social media erupted with the usual anti-Trump mockery.

Swedes were understandably confused. As Tucker Carlson noted, “The president ought to be precise in what he says.” But Carlson added that the “analysis” of numerous network news programs was “so stupid that it’s hard to believe it made it on television.”

One key job of professional journalists is interpretation.

When Trump uttered “last night,” he wasn’t referring to what happened, he was referring to what he saw the night before on Tucker Carlson’s show: an interview with Ami Horowitz, who recently produced an exposé on the violence in Sweden’s “no-go zones,” enclaves of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

Where even Sweden’s police fear to tread.

“Sweden — they took in large numbers,” Trump went on. “They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world.”*

The mass refugee surge into Europe is a huge problem.

But the American press assuming the worst regarding President Trump and reporting it?

It’s a problem, too.

Could reasonable interpretation itself be morphing into a “no-go zone”?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


* Trump went on to say, “Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.” He is referring to terrorist attacks in those cities. He may also be referring to “no-go” communities where police and non-Muslims appear to be unwelcome, as reported in Germany, Britain, France and Belgium.

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  1. John F. Brennan says:

    There is little reporting of the situation in Europe caused multitudes who did not want to immigrate and do not want to assimilate into the culture and society of their new host countries. 
    Immigration of those who are interested in adopting the culture, language, law and economic system of their host country as their own can be beneficial, on the other hand, immigration of those who reject their new host and would even seek to destroy their host, peacefully or actively, is not. 
    When will mankind learn the wars, and their unintended consequenses, are generally too costly, even to non-participants, to wage.

  2. Golfnut6 says:

    Well done. I knew what he meant. The Leftist media? Not so much.

  3. Trev says:

    60 minutes did segment on Sweden and said there are 55 no go zones that police escorts are required for. See 2:54 .

    The crew was attacked several times and at marker 4:20 the police say they won’t go into this area or it will create more hostility.

    • JFB says:

      Yes, there are terrible problems caused by the mass immigration, and they are being under-reported. Nations literally are ceding territory to the immigrants in their midst. I have yet to hear of a truly successful program as assimilation does not appear to be on the horizon.
      From the 60 Minutes report It appears in the emigrant areas order is only kept by the presence of armed police, and disappears when they leave.
      Thus us not a situation which the United States should willingly replicate.
      I wish for a solution. .

  4. 2War Abn Vet says:

    At some point we have to ask why refugees don’t go to a nearby country that shares a common language and religion with them? Instead, they want to infest Western countries, where they are both incapable of and unwilling to assimilate. They demand that we alter our cultures and our laws to accommodate them, rather than alter theirs to fit those of their host nation.
    Could this be the root cause …
    “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations to settle and wide abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, and then death overtakes him, his reward has already been established with Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” —Quaran 4:100

  5. Rocketman says:

    The real reason that the media chose to take Trump literally is because it can be used as an fake example of Trump screwing up and not getting things right. That’s all this is about any more, making him look bad by any means at the media’s disposal. The difference between the media and a group of prostitutes is that prostitutes actually earn their money.

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