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Townhall: Deep State, Shallow Media, and Meme Warfare

We like to think we have the facts on our side. When we are confused, or do not know what to do, we seek facts. The Fourth Estate says that it is ideally situated to find those facts for us, and disseminate them.

But, as we all know now, “Fake News” is a real problem. Sometimes untruths are deliberately spread. Other times it is the result of error. But, whether a factoid be true or not, it remains a “meme,” replicable in our many heads often regardless of truth value.

But if you wonder if you are paranoid for thinking that the media’s established fact-checkers are pointing at your head and shooting … memes … well, you aren’t paranoid enough: the government shoots too.

Click over to Townhall. Then come back here. For memes about memes about memes:

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