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Greg Gutfeld

It pisses me off that nearly every major talking head advocates gun control, arrogant in their belief that most Americans can’t be trusted to arm and protect themselves without hurting others. Meanwhile, it’s these same talking heads who never have to worry about being shot at by a crazed lunatic, because the lunatic and the talking head are separate from each other by five layers of security.

Greg Gutfeld, “Katie Couric’s Life Is More Important Than the Average College Freshman’s (Even If She Looks Remarkably Like an Elf),” The Bible of Unspeakable Truths (2010), p. 4. Photographs, above, depict: journalist Juan Williams, who has nothing to do with this snippet of Gutfeldiana; a sidearm, which does; and Greg Gutfeld himself. Gutfeld is the one that is not black. Or gun-metal gray.

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