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Townhall: The Minimum Wage — Science Strikes Back

Minimum wage hikes are very popular. But the debate over them is old — and odd. It has gotten more ideological in recent years. It used to be that nearly every economist admitted (if not proclaimed) that prohibiting work below a too-high-for-productivity wage rate would cause unemployment . . . somewhere. And yet, there have been a few much-publicized studies that “looked for consequences” of minimum wage law hikes and found no or scant unemployment effects.

Well, the big news last week was the Seattle Minimum Wage study, by a team of University of Washington economists. We briefly touched on it on Tuesday and expanded on the issue in a related story on Wednesday. Now, there’s more — click on over to

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  1. Steven Sass says:

    For those who FAVOR minimum wage laws, they should keep in mind that the original regulations in Great Britain, set a MAXIMUM WAGE and MINIMUM HOURS —- political laws do NOT belong in economic world~

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