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Townhall: The ‘Victory Problem’ in Afghanistan

Where is there an end to it? Time to rethink. Begin at Townhall, then come back here.

Yahoo News: Trump faces a ‘victory problem’ in Afghanistan

Newsweek: Panetta’s Memoir Blasts Obama on His Leadership, Blames Him for State of Iraq and Syria

Donald J. Trump Tweet (2013): “Let’s get out of Afghanistan”

Donald J. Trump on YouTube (2016): Get out of Afghanistan

CNN: Gary Johnson – Get out of Afghanistan

Washington Post: Leon Panetta: Obama has ‘lost his way,’ created ‘vacuum’ for Islamic State

Military Times: A timeline of U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan since 2001

MSNBC: On Assignment with Richard Engel about Iraq


By: Redactor

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  1. Paul Murphy says:

    The”Victory Conditions” problem in Afghanistan started with Bush. Our attitude and rhetoric when we went in should have been “This ends one of two ways: Afghanistan a peaceful democracy which no longer harbors groups threatening America or all of you dead – your choice.”

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