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Political Regroupings

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What’s true for hurricanes is true for the Democratic Party.

After a disaster, it takes a while to regroup, really get a handle on what went wrong. Men and women take some time to absorb new realities.

A few interesting think pieces have come out of the left and center-left, recently, trying to digest what is wrong with the Democrats that they lost so much ground last year — even to someone like Donald Trump. To serious people, the “Russians did it” and “the Deplorables!” are not exactly winners.

Hillary Clinton may be stuck in that mode, but the Democratic Party needn’t be.

The more radical response came from John B. Judis, whose name was big in lefty magazines when I was young. His article “The Socialism America Needs Now,” in his old stomping grounds, The New Republic, tried to make the case for a vague leftism that could be called socialism, if you stretch the term, emphasizing bigger government without seeming too . . . Marxist.

Meanwhile, Mark Lilla has a new book of a somewhat more perceptive nature. Interviewed in Salon, Lilla makes much of the fact that while “smack in the middle” of the GOP’s website “is a list of 11 principles” . . . the Democratic Party could sport “no such statement.” Just a bunch of interest groups.

Interesting. Because, today, I went to and saw no such principles list. But I did find a lot of Trump stuff . . . and a bunch of links to “identity groups.”

Talk about regrouping!

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. JFB says:

    Paul, the “principles” are available on the GOP webpage. One is displayed, and you have to click to see the other ten.
    As for DNC principles, the concept is oxymoronic and such a listing is impossible. The DNC has become a compilation of interest groups whose goals commonly conflict except for a very few.
    Hate and destroy Trump even if it means the destruction of the County and to covet thy neighbor’s goods and employ the government to steal them are all come to mind.
    It is hard to regroup based on that commonality alone.

    • Eric Klanderman says:

      I, too, went to review the GOP site. The principles are clearly there, although they are not exactly right in the middle of the home page. This is not ‘fake news’ but rather an example of how short our attention spans are becoming in the age of instant information. If you have to actually look at something, take an action, then look further, many will not get past that first page.

  2. Dnav says:

    I don’t see how you can say the “serious” ones say the Russians did it. Really? That’s the second grandest hoax of the century. The first was that Obama was a legitimate President.

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