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We Are At War — So What Else Is New?

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As if on some hellish, punitive treadmill, we keep “experiencing” the last federal election, over and over.

Hillary Clinton, who didn’t get a majority of all votes and who lost in the Electoral College, keeps on grinding through her long list of people who failed her.

Her nuttiest charge, that “Russia ‘Hacked’ the election,” reached its apogee, last week, in the bizarre video featuring Morgan Freeman. The actor, who’s played both the President and God, intones that “We have been attacked; we are at war.”

Financed by a cobbled-together Committee to Investigate Russia, the notion seems to be: stretch Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theory into the talking points for . . . a coup d’état.

Congress is, of course, investigating “what Russia did.”

Unearthed, so far? Not much.

As James Freeman wrote, in The Wall Street Journal, considering the paltry Russian presence on Facebook, “if Russian disinformation managed to change the outcome of the U.S. presidential contest, the Kremlin must have created the most influential advertising in the history of marketing.”

And when you add in the FBI’s multiple FISA requests to bug Trump’s campaign manager, it’s hard not to come to this conclusion: it was not Trump, but the Deep State that colluded with the Russians.

The Committee/Freeman video talks about “using social media to present propaganda and false information,” which puts the “hack” on the level of ideas — not real manipulation. Propaganda from the Kremlin is not appreciably different from propaganda from Clinton or Trump.

Lies were everywhere, and if “false information” were worth declaring war over, the American people would have revolted against Washington, D.C., decades ago.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Gramma says:

    It is most interesting that Hillary seems to be getting such wonderful accolades for her presence in different venues, yet she lost–her book must be in the discount stores now at less than $3., so she needs the extra boost? She was promised that “next time” would be hers, no doubt, after her collusion with George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama in 2007, then 2008, with the liberals assured that they would have the first woman president or the first “black president”(but he is a mulatto, so not truly “black,” correct?)–all depending upon the popularity of one Hillary and one Barack, so when the latter became the more evident choice of the masses, she was asked to step aside from the primary and she would have her turn next time. Sounds like a child being promised the same thing to a lesser degree, but she accepted it with all promises intact. Secretary of State–who believed that she had any qualifications at all for that position, but perhaps she was following in her husband’s appointment of Madeline Albright, who was not “all-bright.”

  2. JATR4 says:

    Hey Grandma, why don’t you have mother fucker Drumpf grab you by the pussy. But remember he doesn’t grab hags!

  3. Gramma says:

    Seems that there are no limits on vulgarities and name calling for your site, Paul, so will have to take my name off your list.

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