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Omission of Character

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One downside to jumping to the wrong conclusion is that the failure to even look for the correct, accurate conclusion inevitably follows. 

This sleepy odd-year campaign for governor of Virginia has recently been riled by charges of racism. Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Frank Northam made the “mistake” of “omitting the party’s candidate for Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, from a small printing of literature for union members about the Democrats’ statewide slate. 

Northam is white and Fairfax is black. 

“[A] slap in the face to Justin and to black voters,” is what Quentin James, who runs a PAC working to elect black candidates, called the removal of Fairfax from the literature. He added that it “reeks of subtle racism” and “sends a signal across the state, that we, as black voters, are expendable.”

Noting that black voters make up 20 percent of the state’s electorate, Think Progress dubbed Fairfax’s deletion: “mindboggling.”  

Was this a “dis” and did it really have anything to do with Fairfax being black?

Well, Fairfax labeled it a “mistake,” but his exclusion from the flyer was certainly not inadvertent. It was by clear-eyed design.

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), a $600,000 donor to the coordinated state Democratic campaign, requested that Fairfax be removed from literature their members will distribute. The union is at odds with Fairfax over his opposition to two state pipeline projects the union favors.

So, Northam didn’t throw Fairfax under the bus because Fairfax is black. No sirree. Northam threw Fairfax under the bus to placate a powerful, well-heeled special interest group.

Northam isn’t a racist. He’s just a self-interested, disloyal politician.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Doug Hornig says:

    Paul – It’s Ralph Northam, btw. But otherwise, as a Virginian, I can tell you that you are spot on. It isn’t about race. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a central issue here this season, with dozens of local candidates making opposition a key part of their campaigns. Fairfax broke with Northam over this project that is a ripoff subsidized by government and loaded onto the backs of ratepayers here. Fairfax is the highest office seeker to oppose the pipeline. He will win. Northam supports (or at least refuses to condemn) it, and he may well lose as Democrats offended by his spinelessness don’t vote for him. It goes beyond the union, as well. The pipeline’s projected builder, Dominion Resources, is a major contributor to Northam’s campaign and I’m sure they worked closely with the union on this. Virginians are disgusted….

  2. Pat says:

    A mistake or a failure to coordinate?    Have to wonder why Fairfax wasn’t consulted or advised in advance about what was being done?    Doesn’t either man know his constituents?

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