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Townhall: How Can We Miss You, Senator Franken, If You Won’t Go Away?

By: Redactor


  1. Robert Berger says:

     Pot, meet kettle . This is pure hypocrisy .  To complain about  Al Franken’s  sexual misconduct without also condemning  the far worse sexual misconduct of “president ” Trump  and  “judge ” Roy Moore and other Republicans .  At ;least Forsaken had the decency to apologize .  And his  behavior, while reprehensible, does not come even remotely close to  the gross behavior of  Donald Trump, who has been caught on tape saying how he likes to grab women by their genitals and  is notorious for his  inability to restrain himself from groping, pawing and fondling any woman he finds attractive .  And he thinks that his money, fame and power grant  him the right to to this .  
        There is also creditable evidence that Trump may have RAPED at least one 13 year old  girl at one of the parties, or rather orgies he attends several years ago . His victim is now grown, and a judge found enough evidence to have him investigated for the rape of a child.  But she withdrew charges according to the story after our current “president” sent her death threats .  
       Roy Moore was banned from a shopping mall in  Alabama years ago because of his  cruising fro young girls with the intent to prey on them sexually .  
       The GOP , supposedly the party of “traditional values,”  and “family values ” has plenty of male politicians who are guilty of serial adultery ,  fathering illegitimate children ,  frequenting prostitutes male and female,  pedophilia,  sex with underaged teenagers and  who have payed their mistresses to have abortions .  Not to mention ones who  thunderously denounce homosexuality and gay people in order to make themselves look good  to the religious right while being closeted gay men .  

  2. Rocketman says:

    I wonder if the Democrats would be in such a frenzy to let him stay if he were to suddenly switch to the Republican Party and announce that he was going to start voting conservative?

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