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Where Have You Gone, Al Franken?

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Today, finally, is the day. Barring some last-minute hijinks in the extended resignation ritual announced almost four weeks ago by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), the comedian turned cad turned politician turned pervert leaves his U.S. Senate seat.

And hopefully keeps his mitts off other people’s seats to boot.

Even without deadline hijinks, the Franken saga has been strange. After hearing Franken’s resignation statement on the Senate floor, CNN’s Chris Cizzilla wrote, “He didn’t believe he had done anything for which he should have been forced to resign.”

But note: No one “forced” Senator Franken to step down. As my Sunday column reminded, he did so voluntarily. 


Peer pressure. Three-quarters of fellow Democratic Party senators demanded Franken leave, to clear the way for election-year attacks on Republican sexual sleaze-balls without partisan distraction.

And now some cry crocodile tears. They want the no-longer-amusing Franken out. Sure. But they also wish to continue the pretense that Franken is a wonderful fellow just the same.

“His voice will be stronger than ever,” argued fellow Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar—ridiculously. A Vox article was headlined, “Al Franken resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations, but Democrats aren’t making him leave in disgrace.”

Is it a paraphrase of the old joke: “Don’t go away in disgrace, Senator, just go away”?

But Franken is leaving in disgrace. Should be.

Eight women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. The senator’s response has been to publicly apologize, profusely, and then, later, claim that “some of the allegations” are “not true.”

Others he remembers “differently.”

Not good enough, ex-senator.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. This sort of feels like you are kicking Franken while he is down on the ground Paul. I don’t remember you being so judgmental about Roy Moore. Could this be your GOP roots revealing themselves? Regardless of whether it’s Franken or Moore it seems to me we have collectively determined to waive the standard of innocent until proven guilty. The new standard seems to be presumed guilty until proven innocent. I am surprised to find you in the lynch mob.

  2. Paul Jacob says:

    Mike — Not sure I have those GOP roots, though I admit to casting a ballot for an R many more times than for a D. But I can alternatively explain why I’m “kicking” Franken here.

    He deserves it.

    Franken is going for some sort of martyrdom that is undeserved. His numerous and broadly stated apologies seemed almost designed to convince folks that he was guilty, but “getting help” or something. Then he resigns but acts as if he shouldn’t. Claims he mostly innocent — but without any specificity. I note that he has not denied all the allegations. Soooo, I do not want him to retire as a martyr, but rather IN FULL DISGRACE. I think groping women is disgraceful.

    I do not have enough information to make a court decision, granted, but I do have enough to comment on his response to these allegations. While the picture of him first splashed about TV and the Internet — with his hands over the sleeping woman’s chest — was in poor taste, it was overblown and not a crime of any sort. But there are 7 other women alleging groping, etc.

    In six months or a year or six years, I do not want folks pretending Franken got a raw deal. He is facing only self-imposed justice.

    • My comment isn’t intended to excuse Franken in any way but rather to point out what I perceive as your more strident tone with Franken than with Moore, or for that matter our President.

  3. dave corless says:

    The difference is: Franken women accuse him when he isn’t running. They don’t get paid either. The Democrats paying the women accusing Republicans do pay those women, and the whores only accuse 2 months before the election.

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