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The President of the United States allegedly had an affair — or a one-night stand with attempts at an affair — with a porn star. And paid her to keep silent. While he was married to his current wife, and his son was an infant. Donald Trump denies it, but a variety of reporters claim to have multiple corroborations.

It’s all very tawdry.

And it looks like it has elicited . . . yawns.

Sure, the newsmedia push it. But the American people seem almost bored.

The election of Donald Trump marks the end of an era, maybe. Trump has overwhelming support from social conservatives, and it isn’t for his morals. Meanwhile, the Left loathes the Donald for alleged mistreatment of women, which they deemed so unimportant when documented against President Bill Clinton that it birthed the “move on” movement.

So, what changed?

The political divide between left and right is now so forbidding that questions of character pale. Democrats won’t like Trump even were he to usher in the Millennium, and Trump might have to tattoo a 666 on his forehead and anoint himself the Beast to shake off his so-con support.

For conservatives, the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, after eight years of Obamamania in the media, was simply too much to bear. Indeed, a large swarth of the Democratic Party faithful didn’t quite trust her.

As for Democrats, the inability to defeat an opposing candidate caught on audiotape bragging about grabbing women’s private parts must be as frustrating as devil-with-a-blue-dress Bill’s success in the 1990s was for Republicans.

Character? So passé.

I wonder if it will come back.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. dick jones says:

    Paul for President ! No. Maybe chief advisor to presidents.

  2. Lazlo Hollyfeld says:

    I don’t think it’s as much of a change in moral values as it is exhaustion by the kitchen sink thrown at Trump for the past 18 months.  Sure, some is his fault, but the guy has been accused of so many things that adding in charges of bad moral character seems like just a little cheese has slipped off the cracker.  Moral outrage is more situational.  Gary Hart played catch me if you can and lost, Bill Clinton never admitted to being a faithful husband and gave the left mostly what they wanted politically so he got a pass.  If the press and Democrats hadn’t been pushing impeachment, the 25th Amendment, insanity or dementia, maybe the porn start charges would have stuck.  For now it just seems like piling on with more “fake news.”

    • Laurie says:

      No one on the left like what Bill Clinton brought us. Conservative Democrats did. I would hope that perhaps we are maturing, shaking off puritanical ideas about how every single person should conduct their sex life. If you don’t know the couple’s arrangement about sexuality, you do not know what someone’s (consenual adult) sexual behavior says about their character

  3. rick arnold says:

    Paul, So right on.

  4. SDN says:

    “Trump might have to tattoo a 666 on his forehead and anoint himself the Beast to shake off his so-con support.”

    Paul is either being dishonest or stupid here. (Based on what I’m seeing from other “Libertarians”, both is the way to bet.) The attraction of Trump is simple: unlike Obama and the Hildebeeste, he wasn’t promising to use all the powers of government to attack and destroy Christians.

    One would think Libertarians would approve of that. One would be wrong. Libertarians sail under false colors, and just luuuurrrrve them some government as long as that government is being used to sledgehammer groups that disagree with them.

  5. Rocketman says:

    Let me say that first of all that I didn’t vote for Trump, but Gary Johnson. It seems to me that since his first day in office that the press has attempted to remove Trump from office. The press has used tactics against him that they have never used against any other president within my lifetime including Nixon. Several times the press has created false narratives which were later on exposed as fraudulent. As far as I’m concerned the socialist media concerning Trump has absolutely ZERO credibility at least on this topic. Absolutely NOTHING that they claim I will take without PROOF which is something that is and has been totally lacking.

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